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Current Critical Issues: (1) - #20170904.1 Transcoding Failure

WORK AROUND - TheWorkarounds


UPDATE October 2, 2017

We missed our projected fix-by date of 10/1 but we are much closes and feel that we will have the upload/Xcode issue working normal early this month. Will update more when we have a better ETA.

Remember that we have posted some work-arounds HERE.


UPDATE September 26, 2017

An important work around (noted below) available to Pro and Whie Label accounts for this as well as many issues, especially local browser and bandwidth issues that prevent normal uploading and transcoding, is on the settings page, scroll down and use the change video file function. This allows one to upload any video file to that video record. It is like a fresh upload/transcode in that it replaces the existing main and mobile file, but differs in that it doesn't change any text content or settings of that video record.


UPDATE September 19, 2017

The fix involves a recoding handshake with our transcoding partner scheduled on or about October 1st. Until then, repeated attempts to upload problem videos is meeting with almost 100% success both with our Product Management Team and EZWebPlayer customers experiencing upload issues.


UPDATE September 6, 2017

We have narrowed the issue down to our transcoding partner, Zencoder. Apparently they executed some changes recently and that may have caused the issue. We have communicated with them and are awaiting the fix. An ETA will be published here as an update as soon as we know more.



Transcoding of some videos is taking longer than normal, and in some cases transcoding fails entirely requiring a second attempt. 

We are working on this issue.

The Workarounds

Each one of the following are not steps, but standalone alternate work-arounds when uploading fails.

  • After Uploading, as soon as the Transcoding process starts, click on SAVE/UPDATE. And then go back in 30 minutes (time depends on the size of the video file) and make sure the video actually got uploaded and transcoded.
  • You can cancel the UPLOAD/TRANSCODE and execute again.
  • Also, you can change the video file. Changing the video file is a link located underneath the Share Codes section in Pro and White Label accounts

Critical Issues - DESCRIPTION

are those issues that cause a major loss of main functions such as uploading videos, or live streaming. Occasionally there are feature interrupts. If, during a loss of some feature you are still able to use the main functions of uploading videos, live streaming and sharing, and the normal use of CtA's, this Current Critial Issues area will still show the statement, "There are no current issues to report. EZWebPlayer is operating at nominal status."

Describing "Account Availability"

On every WIKI page describing player features in this knowledge base, there is near the top of each page an Account Availability graphic like the sample below. Our purpose with this graphic is to inform you which accountypes have access to the feature of that WIKI page. For example, if you were to visit our Live Streaming WIKI page, you would see which account types have access to Live Streaming. See below a description of how these pink and green fields keep you informed of what features your account has access to.

See this live example;

The below image is a copy of the feature availability chart for Live Streaming. Notice that the feature is not available for Lite accounts. So, the Lite accounts cell will be red, and all the rest of the account types will be green.

Feature availability chart

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