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Operating Reporter 100%

Critical Issues
No major issues at this time.

Critical Issues - DESCRIPTION

Critical Issues are those that cause a major loss of main functions such as uploading videos, or live streaming. Occasionally there are feature interrupts. If, during a loss of some feature you are still able to use the main functions of uploading videos, live streaming and sharing, and the normal use of CtA's, this Current Critical Issues area will still show the statement, "There are no current issues to report. EZWebPlayer is operating at nominal status."

When there is a critical issue, it will be listed at the top of this page in the Table of Contents and can be clicked on for information.

Operating Reporter

There is an Operating Reporter classifier that estimates to what percentage EZWebPlayer is performing, taking into account only critical errors. This Reporter expresses percentage of features currently operating nominally. 100% is the desired status which reflects that all features are operating normally and appears at the top of this page and in the Table of Contents. It is only meant as an At-a-Glance enunciation. EZWebPlayer expects to be operating at 100% most of the time.

The current form of valuating percentage of nominal loss of critical functions is reflected as a 10% loss per function. Non critical functions may go un evaluated or as a 5% loss per non critical function if the loss is not deemed to be fixable in a short amount of time.

Example: Two critical features lost will be reported as 80% functional.

Describing "Account Availability"

On every WIKI page describing player features in this knowledge base, there is near the top of each page an Account Availability graphic like the sample below. Our purpose with this graphic is to inform you which account types have access to the feature of that WIKI page. For example, if you were to visit our Live Streaming WIKI page, you would see which account types have access to Live Streaming. See below a description of how these pink and green fields keep you informed of what features your account has access to.

See this live example;

The below image is a copy of the feature availability chart for Live Streaming. Notice that the feature is not available for Lite accounts. So, the Lite accounts cell will be red, and all the rest of the account types will be green.

Feature availability chart

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