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Because one of the most powerful strategies to drive site conversions and develop leads is by combining video with optimized, targeted Landing Pages, EZWebPlayer  has launched Instant Video Landing Pages. That means folks who host with us can easily create web video landing pages as they upload web video.

25 links to help you create compelling landing pages that drive conversions:Drive video video views through landing pages

  1. Designing an optimized landing page isn't exactly a cakewalk; if you want to achieve a respectable conversion rate, that is. So -- how schooled are you in the concept of conversion-centered design? -
  2. Coming up with really good, long-tail keywords for your SEO or pay-per-click campaigns can sometimes be daunting if you don’t understand how buyers use Google, what buying cycle they are in, and how your content or offers align with those search terms people use to look for what you do. -
  3. This article is an introduction to the Landing Page Influence Function for Tests™ (or LIFT™) Model, a conversion optimization framework I developed for WiderFunnel to use to analyze conversion pages and develop test hypotheses. We have used this tool as part of a 7-step conversion optimization process to lift each of our clients’ conversion rates by between 10% to 277%. -
  4. Do you have abandonment issues because your landing page bounce rate is through the roof? Wasting precious time and money on ineffective PPC campaigns? Tired of your boss complaining about how the industry average conversion rate is double what “you” achieved last month? Don?t know how to ?x the problem? -
  5. You want a landing page with through-the-roof conversion rates. You also want that landing page to possess top-ranked search results. Can you have both? -
  6. If your company is throwing around the idea of building a landing page or  series of landing pages, it is first important to understand what they are as well as the elements that go into creating an effective landing page. -
  7. When it comes to business on the Web, conversion is truly king. Whether it’s email subscribers, new accounts or good old-fashioned purchases, conversion makes or breaks businesses online. Thousands of articles, hundreds of papers and dozens of books have been written on the subject. In fact, a whole discipline, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), has been born out of the intense need to transform traffic into transactions. So without further ado, we throw in our top 13 best tips to increase the conversion of your landing pages and improve your business. -
  8. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Landing Pages that Drive Conversions - Now that you have mastered getting your audience to your landing page, how do you drive conversions to capture the personal information your marketing and sales team covet? The first step to PPC conversion happens before the prospect reaches the page. -
  9. Landing Page Testing can lead to double digit conversion rate gains. Learn how to test your pages to improve conversion, and attract super affiliates without changing your payout structure. -
  10. A landing page is the first page that visitors see after clicking on your banner ad, PPC ad, or promotional email. It can be a specific page on your website or a separate page created exclusively for search engines. A landing page is designed to direct visitors to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, completing a registration, or subscribing to your mailing list. -
  11. Having specific landing pages tied to different pieces of content is a really effective way to track your leads and provide the sales team with a nice little pipeline. -
  12. 95% or more of the traffic you worked so hard to drive to your landing page is probably bouncing right off again… wasted. With a few simple changes to copy, layout, call-to-action, web form, and submit buttons, you can gain 20-60% more conversions from the same amount of traffic. Anne Holland, publisher of the addictive A/B testing Case Studies site,, and Jon Miller, VP of Marketing at Marketo, share real-life examples of marketers who increased conversions with basic landing page tests and changes. - PowerPoint Video
  13. Landing pages are an important part of B2B marketing — 68% of B2B marketers utilize landing pages for lead generation. This week, we’ve been talking about how to create effective landing pages that will positively affect your brand’s user experience. -
  14. As a Long Island business owner or manager, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing all of your online marketing efforts into driving traffic to your website without paying attention to your conversion rate. Month after month you pump more and more money into your online marketing trying to wring more leads out of the people who are searching for your products and services. -
  15. Your bids are competitive, your ads are laser targeted, and you've tested and tweaked your landing page to get the highest possible conversion rate; ever. -
  16. Landing Page tips to improve your conversion rate - why spend more money driving traffic to your website when you can use your money more wisely? Should you be driving all your website traffic to your home page? - Definitely not! Take time to create targeted "landing pages" that use these 5 handy tips and watch the increase in your calls, emails and sales. - YOU TUBE VIDEO
  17. Learn 5 ways to increase landing page conversions. Driving more traffic and improving the conversion rate will result in MORE ACQUISITIONS without increasing your Advertising budget. - YOU TUBE VIDEO
  18. It is all well and good having a professionally constructed and managed AdWords campaign, but if your landing pages are poorly designed then the campaign becomes as effective (or defective in this case) as the landing pages themselves. You could have the best campaign in your industry, but it does not necessarily mean that you will generate any conversions if your landing pages don't perform well. So, what is the sense in paying for traffic if your website isn't 100% ready to sell and produce conversions? -
  19. You bust your tail drumming up traffic for your website. Building links, guest posting, participating in forums, podcasting and more.  It’s hard work too. Not for the faint of heart. But you finally start seeing results – the traffic starts dribbling in…slowly at first. -
  20. Using images to increase traffic results. People love pictures and there’s no better place to see that than online. Facebook alone now stores over 220 billion images. Over seven petabytes of new photos are added to the social network every month. And it’s not just Facebook. We’re seeing a proliferation of images all over the internet, including on other social platforms, news sites, blogs, and ecommerce sites. The internet has become a truly image-centric medium. - See more at: -
  21. Since launching SparkPage we’ve had lots of marketers using this tool in building landing pages and running mobile marketing campaigns.  In this post I’ve included 5 great examples of Mobile Landing Pages driving conversions.
  22. User Experience, or UX as it’s commonly referred to, refers to a user’s interaction and experience with a software application or a website. But, is user experience relevant to landing pages as well? Yes it is, but with one important caveat: we’re not interested in a user’s experience alone with the landing page – as marketers, we’re interested in a user’s experience with a landing page if it increases conversions and sales. -
  23. Optimizing Landing Pages for Lead Generation and Conversion. A short 39 page PDF book. How to drive more leads with better landing pages.
  24. Landing pages are one of the most important elements of lead generation, yet most companies don’t use them enough -- or at all. It’s common to give more attention to a website's homepage instead. After all, it is the first room in your virtual storefront when visitors "walk" through the door. -
  25. Improving the Landing Pages on your ecommerce site is key to driving visitors down your conversion funnel. The conversion funnel process of turning browsers into customers, and customers into brand ambassadors, is vital to the health of your business - not to mention satisfying more of your customers -


Are you actively using Web Video Landing pages to collect leads or drive conversions? We'd love to hear your success story, please share them in the comments!

If you need help creating your landing pages follow this link: How to Create Instant Video Landing pages.


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By: Richard Bouchez / Social Media Specialist


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