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GoogleFacebook and others, are all-in on mobile ... so, of course you can understand why the team here at EZWebPlayer is "Leaning-in" to mobile web video as well. But, that didn't stop Cisco from shocking us in their annual Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update 2013 - 2018 ... sure the title is so dry, if whispered, it could lull a hyper active badger to sleep, but I assure you, this is 70 pages of pure mobile information gold. The good new, is it's packed with skim-able charts and we already read it for you. Some highlights below...

5 years in mobile = 1 world of difference

average mobile user trends

Think global

Middle Ease & Africa mobile growth is trending almost double that of North America


What does this mean for web video?

In short, be ready now! More mobile video and higher expectations of mobile video availability. What this report doesn't mention is that, while this is a global view of the mobile trend, the future is now for higher income demographics. Smartphone adoption in the U.S. is higher than than global adoption, higher income households have more smartphones and faster internet.

mobile video trends 2013 - 2018

What do you think? Will mobile take over the world within 5 to 10 years or will it be something else entirely? Weigh-in in the comments!

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Stu Marks
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