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Reach more and do more with custom domain branding

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EZWebPlayer’s White Label Custom™

allows you to avoid the enormous cost of platform development – you simply “skin” (customize) our site to look like yours. You can use our technology for your own needs while you resell it.

S.E.O. is just the beginning. You need to L.P.O. you site. Hurry, they're getting away!


If you are new to tracking your web video views, here’s a quick How To video on zipping right to the exact data you need.

In this video, you’ll see how to:

  • Change the page view
  • Browse more videos per page
  • Target a specific date range
  • Get actual views per day, not just percentages

Watch the video


Are you marketing to the deaf and blind, or are your videos simply invisible?

It is true that producing the video takes a lot of effort, especially if you are not a video producer but your business needs good video placed in front of your market to draw them in. But, once the video is finished and uploaded, what is the absolute most important task that gets people to watch the video?

You’re going to want to slap someone when you read the next sentence.

You’re going to want to slap someone when you read the next sentence. You must advertise the video address. Yes, a simple concept, but one that describes an important and possibly complex task. But, it doesn’t have to be complex.

Analogy: contrasting trinket investment to custom video investment.

This image depicts all of the useful trinkets that are employed to garner your market's attention and remind it that you exist. Compared to your custom video describing your product's uniqueness, these trinkets are almost a complete waste of resources. Instead of spending $500 on pens and coffee cups for the year, hire a video producer for a 30 second viral attempt video.

How do people know the name of your business? Because, your business name or logo is advertised and promoted all over the place. It’s on your business card, stationary, invoice forms, cash register receipts, and your restaurant menu. It’s printed on your coffee cups, t-shirts, tote bags, retractable ink pens, baseball caps and on all of those custom golf balls that you had imprinted five years ago that nobody asks for but you still try to get rid of in every gift bag that you hand out. (What golfer seriously notices marketing info on golf balls? Where does that golf ball message spend most of its sad existence? In a dark poly-nylon pocket safely zipped up so that the ball won’t accidentally get its message out).

DISCLAIMER; (There are certainly appropriate opportunities for "trinket marketing." We have used them ourselves. But, we demand actual trackable results)

Just think of all of the exposure efforts that your name and logo get. But, the sad truth is that as important as your name is, simply sharing your name is actually less important than the web video link.

The video

  • informs about your product
  • creates interest
  • answers important questions
  • creates other questions for which they must contact you to get answers
  • turns a disinterested web skimmer into your next customer
  • provides the all important CtA! Call to Action. The subscription, the appointment, THE SALE!

Yet, how to see the video is often buried in small print, or sadly, no print at all.

The Permanent Video Address is probably the best kept secret in marketing/advertising.

One of the best tricks to making video work for you is to come up with a video address that never changes. The Permanent Video Address is probably the best kept secret in marketing/advertising. The only companies that seem to use it are larger enterprises. Why don’t all businesses use the permanent video address? My experience is that it’s under-used for the simplest reason; they just don’t know about it.

What is the Permanent Video Address?

I’ll use one of our video landing pages as the example.

The URL never changes, only the video file does. The address stays the same and keeps garnering more and more relevance as the SEO value grows.

The above video page address never changes. When we want to get exposure to our newest video, we do two things;

  1. We place that video at the head of this channel list so that it is the first video that plays
  2. We advertise the fire out of this web address.

So, what happens when the message changes? Doesn’t this video address become irrelevant? No. As a matter of fact, it becomes even more relevant and powerful. We make sure that our basic messages never change. We only have a very short list of main messages. Each new video simply tells the same story from new angles. It really doesn’t make any difference which video they are watching. The results are the same. They are watching one of our videos on our web site that always leads them to our CtA (Calls-to-Action) on the page.

Even more elegant is that after the first video plays, the Player sets up to automatically play the next video, and the next, and the next. Staying on our site watching videos is actually the easier default action than clicking away. Staying is the default action-- nothing further is needed. The two main choices can be 1) watch the next video or 2) go to the CtA.

And, much of the magic of this Permanent Video Address is in what is NOT happening.

  • The video is NOT being watched on You Tube, which is not our web site. You Tube is an entire step away from our web site
  • The video is NOT branded with someone else’s branding, like You Tube or Vimeo because it is our Permanent Video Address, it has our branding everywhere—even the URL is branded.
  • The video is not having to compete with all of the other video choices that can pop up at any moment from our competitors. The only videos watchable on this page are our videos.

You see, when you upload a new video to You Tube, the link to that new video that you must share is a brand new link with absolutely zero SEO weight attached to it. Why? Because its a brand new URL on the World Wide Web. Where as, our video landing page has been live on the WWW since 2009! Imagine the many years of SEO weight behind that!

You too can create your own video landing page with an unchanging URL.

So, now imagine the results when you are promoting your video page at all of the locations where your logo and business name appear.
What Kind of Businesses Need a Permanent Video Address?
  • Brick and mortar; restaurants, hair stylists, retail clothing boutiques, etc. Businesses that have parking lots or curbside parking.
  • Service industries; realtors, consultants, fitness experts, motivational speakers. 
  • Virtual web-based businesses and not-for-profits

Get your Permanent Video Address at and you can start publishing that all important video address to your market within hours. You can probably even use an existing URl that you already own as your permenant video address, it it's under your domain. Print the fire out of it. Then you can release new videos, yearly, monthly, weekly or daily-- or even hourly. And everywhere that your Permanent Video Address is published will be constantly reminding the world where to see your important video assets. You can even release live streams from the same address.