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Your entire video collection for the same price as one video. Sound impossible?

All of EZWebPlayer's account levels are No-Limit. You can upload videos and create as many live streams as you want or need for one flat price.

Several of our users have many videos in their account. One in particular, a university, has over 7,000 videos uploaded and they pay the same price they did when they only had one.

Not Bare Bones

And, we're not talking some bare bones web hosting profile, either. EZWebPlayer is actually the most feature rich web video host on the market. In our four tiers of account levels, we have some features that are actually exclusive to our structure—that means no other company offers them.

Case Study, Uploading Entire Video Library

Bentley University near Boston Uses EZWebPlayer

For this Boston suburb university, they have a channel for each department that is using video, that's 75 channels. One channel alone has 2,382 videos and includes individual student presentations for recent years.

From Admin to English, Marketing to Student Services, Phd Program to International Education, they have all of their videos setup in an easy to find profile with the ability to share them in mass or individually.

Huge Number of Videos

The total number of videos uploaded to Bentley's account is over 7,100 and grows every quarter. Their annual fee to EZWebPlayer never goes up. There's a secret to this that apparently only EZWebPlayer uses. We'd be glad to talk to you about your specific video library needs.


Anyone can afford professional web video hosting starting at $14.99/month. Even our top tier is only $89.99/month (with the 10% one year discount). No added bandwidth fees. See below for contact info.

Partial Summary Feature List—No Programmer Needed

Video on Demand
No-Limit on Videos
Live Stream w/Auto Archiving
Video Quality Switcher for Slower Devices
Sub Channels Five Levels Deep
CtA Advertising Module
Site Map Publication
SEO Control
Tags and Video Info for Searches
Page Forwarding at End of Play
Fast Video Disable Control
Endless Programmable Settings Profiles
Fast Video File Changer
Custom Video Landing Page Templates
Auto Play
Pause on Last Frame
Horizontal or Vertical
Wide Screen or Standard

On Screen Video Rating
On Screen Scrolling Playlist
On Screen Sharing and Embedding
On Screen Play Button Defeat
Full Control of Channel Features
Order Playlist by 9 Different Orders
Play Loop
Scrub Bar Control
Time Stamp Control
Volume Slide Control
Full Screen Control
Four Different Share Code Sets
One-Click Social Media Posting
Custom Video Thumbnail Imager
Custom Domain Branding
Branded Admin Console
Choose Player Skins
Any Size Video
Any Shape Video
Everything Brandable

Thanks for stopping by our blog

Stu Marks
Sales and Support