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What Is This For?

As you create more sub accounts, they are sent an activation email with a link in the email they must click, taking the new account holder to the login page. Once logged in from this special URL their account is then activated. The Email From Address option allows you to input who the email is being sent from so that it looks like you are sending them the activation email your self.


To get started navigate to your My Account page and locate the sub section White Label. You will be working with the option Email From Address.


Step 1. Place in your company email address you wish to use. Make sure to hit the update button at the bottom of the page so save this change.

White Label Custom Accounts


Now as you add new sub accounts their activation email looks like it is coming from your company instead of

Account Availability
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  • Lite
  • Pro
  • White Label
  • White Label Custom
  • Sub Admin
  • Sub Account
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