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Adding a "Description" simply means populating the Description field of your video with text describing the content of the video. A great example is a teaching or how-to video's most basic outline being included. Whether your audience is able to read the entire Description field or not, the SEO value alone is priceless in terms of garnering more natural hits to your video's location on The Internet.

But, the Description field is a non limited space for you to use any way that meets your needs. As far as actual SEO phrases and keywords, there is also a dedicated SEO field you may populate.

"Why...", you might ask, " I have to describe what's in the video?" "Doesn't merely watching the video accomplish what I want?" The answer is a resounding NO! (Please excuse the literary yelling). To search engines which are built on textual content, images like photographs and videos are, in the year 2017 still entirely invisible. Without textual descriptions, natural searches from real people and search engine "spiders" will not even know that your video exists as the informative tool you wish. They will merely see just another file in the vast ocean of The Internet. Someone searching for "Video on How to Change my Lawnmower Blade", or simpler, "How do I Change my Lawnmower Blade?" will not include your video on "Lawn Mower Blade Changing Instructions" in the results of that search. And, without a description that adds even more SEO magnates, your Blade Changing video will be nearer the bottom of the hundreds or thousands of pages of results rather than nearer the top, making it merely almost invisible instead of truly invisible.

This description is rather lengthy because many who are uploading videos are inexperienced regarding SEO and the necessity of text accompanying uploaded videos. It is true that many of EZWebPlayer's users are rather tech savvy in the way of proper SEO, but the fact remains that this condition of a dichotomy of technical acuity will never go away.

Getting Started

Step 1. Click on the VIDEOS header navigation.

Step 2. Click on Settings of the chosen video.

Step 3. Within the Video Details tab you can give your video a description or change its existing description.

Step 4. Save your changes.

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