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Getting Started

There are a couple of other ways to add new videos but this is the most straight forward workflow. Our cloud based system allows you to navigate directly to the hard drives on your computer, or to anywhere else your computer allows you to navigate, in order to choose the video files you wish to upload. So, most of this should be very straight forward for even the most novice computer user. Delegating video uploading can be either a media professional or a key office staff; either way, your videos gets uploaded safely and securely.

Step 1. Roll over the VIDEOS link in the top toolbar and click on ADD NEW VIDEO.

Step 2. Click on the orange UPLOAD button.

Step 3. Choose desired video file from your computer.

Step 4. Upon choosing the desired file from your computer, the file will begin uploading to the EZWebPlayer server. You must click on Save and Update to complete this new video upload and save settings.

Suggestion: During video upload and transcoding is a good time to enter Video Title, Description and SEO tags. You can also choose a Channel or click on the Player Settings tab and make changes. Always remember that you can perform other tasks on your computer while uploading and transcoding is occurring, but if you close the browser during the uploading, that process will be stalled and deleted. You can always open a second browser tab during uploading to accomplish other web tasks while uploading continues.

Step 5. When the file has completed uploading, it will then be transcoded to the most appropriate form for streaming play over the web. The time it takes to complete uploading and transcoding depends entirely on the size of the file and the available bandwidth between your computer and our servers.

Step 6. When the process is complete, two visual changes will occur.

  1. The player for that video record will show up.
  2. A browser announcement in the lower right hand corner of your browser will appear telling you that the process is complete.

You need to save the video record by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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