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Android and EZWebPlayer via Android Broadcast, the Free App.

The development team at EZWebPlayer fully understands the plight of the web video user to find solutions for using video on the web, when manufacturers are not really your best friend. In their efforts to market and constantly upgrade their hardware and firmware, while keeping focus on staying unique and ahead of their competition, it just seems sometimes that they forget Job One; the user. We want you to know that we are your partner.

Android Broadcast Logo

"We're all in this together."-- Red Green.

While we stay on course to keep our pricing structure not just competitive but also one of the leading affordable and feature rich solutions in the streaming industry, we do not expect you to wait while we spend real assets building our own native solutions for each and every major manufacturer out there. Thus this post to our Knowledge Base.

Please remember that we sincerely appreciate both your business as well as your input. Please scroll down to add your experiences and thoughts to this post. If you find that being logged in still does not allow you access to commenting, simply email us at Please remember to include the URL to the page for which you are emailing us.

Before we Begin

Step 1. This was tested using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Step 2. You can use the android's "Home" button to jump to your home screen while still running your applications in the background, allowing you to run multiple applications at once.

*We will be using this to have the live streaming application and the browser application open at the same time.

Step 3. You can use the android's "Task Manager" button to switch from one application to another, quickly allowing you to jump from 1 app to another.
*We will be using this to quickly copy / paste the player's live stream information into the Android's live streaming application.

Install the Application

Step 1. Open the Play Store

Open the Play Store

Step 2. Search for the "Broadcaster for Android" application and open it.

Step 3. Install the application onto your android device.

Install the application onto your android device.

Run the Application

Step 1. Open your browser application.

Open your browser application.

Step 2. Log into your EZWebPlayer account and navigate to the "Player Settings" for your live streaming player. At the bottom of the "Video Details" tab make sure to copy the "FMS URL" into your clipboard.

Step 3. Use your device's "Home" and open the "Broadcaster for Android" application.

Step 4. Click Live Broadcast.

Click Live Broadcast.

Step 5. Paste your "FMS URL" into the Destination URL text box.

Step 6. Use the tablets "Task Manager" button, next to the home button to allow you to switch to the browser application and copy the "FMS Stream Name".

Step 7. Then use the "Task Manager" button again to switch back to the "Broadcaster for Android" application and paste the "FMS Stream Name" into the "Stream" text box. Now you can click the OK button.


Step 8. You are ready to broadcast your video.

You are ready to broadcast your video.

Step 9. Press the RED circle button to start your live stream.

Press the RED circle button to start your live stream.

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