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Creating The Player

Creating a new player that has the capability to run a live stream is necessary. A live stream is just like a "video" and therefore must play through a Player.

These instructions are limited to the very basics of getting a new live stream started and do not describe other important, related functions like Player Profile options, the thumbnail image, Channels, Call-to-Action or associated video introduction, etc. Be aware that a live stream can be included in a channel, just like any other video. It can also be associated to a Call-to-Action and gather reportable Analytics data. You will notice some similarities between uploading a new video and creating a live stream. And, you can create a custom thumbnail image for a live stream just like you can for a video.

You will be copy and pasting the stream path addresses from EZWebPlayer into the streaming agent such as OBS, or XSplit.

Step 1. Click on ADD NEW VIDEO

Step 2. Click on ADVANCED which is located under the orange Upload button. ATTENTION, THIS STEP NEEDS UPDATING. WE ARE WORKING ON IT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE.

Step 3. Click the radio button titled Create a fresh RTMP live stream using our service and Adobe F.M.L.E.

Step 4. Click Next.

Step 5. Click Finish.

Step 6. Give your live streaming player a Title and click Save.

Step 7. Your new live streaming player has been created and you are now ready to post or otherwise share the access code to your live stream. Note that you haven't clicked START on a live stream encoder yet. So, there is no live stream running at this time. But, what you can do at this time is publish and promote your upcoming live stream event. See Posting And Sharing A Video or Channel.

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