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What You Will Need

  • Camera(s) connected to your capture device or directly to your computer used to push the video to your computer.

  • A computer that can handle live streaming; one with sufficient hardware and a good connection to your local Internet via a cable instead of a wireless connection. A wireless connection can work under the proper circumstances, but a hard line connection is preferred. Also, see this post regarding connecting over long distances from computer to modem.

  • An application to run your live stream.

  • Optional; an application that manages the programming that you are sending downline to the stream. Example, a switcher that can choose between cameras and desktop so you can stream more than just a camera input. Example apps would be ManyCam or Open Broadcaster Software.

Below is an example live streaming setup. This sample user has 2 applications running at one time during their live stream. ManyCam is used to capture 2 sample cameras video input (Blue and Red). Then Adobe's FMLE application captures what every ManyCam is passing to it and is pushing the video feed up to their EZWebPlayer Player that is hosted on their web site.

Using an application like ManyCam you can have multiple cameras going at one time and you can transition from 1 video feed to another. You can use transitions, text overlays, use playlists, images, music and so on. Adobe's FMLE will live stream what ever you do on ManyCam. It is kind of like a sound board but for video.

Audience Size

Our pricing page shows this information.

Additional audience size information.


The largest size audience we can support is 100. That is at the White Label Custom account level.


They and the next few will most likely be served just like the first 100 viewers. Beyond that, the ceiling is actually an unknown quantity because no viewer has ever been dropped off of a program and been reported. EZWebPlayer has experience with Hollywood red carpet live streams, Washington DC elite live streams and other high profile live stream applications in the real world. We have reports that no viewer reported being dropped and the crews running the satellite trucks facilitating those large audiences (ESPN, ABC, etc.) showed internal metrics that ran smoothly the entire time, never switching to backup streams, a typical occurrence in the industry.

Then why can't EZWebPlayer guarantee larger audiences? Because the top number is an unknown quantity. Much of live streaming origination depends on the quality of the broadcasting gear on site of the event. Our customers generating original source program to endless size audiences are network level operators like Streaming Media Live out of Los angeles , California.

How Do I Get Larger Audiences to View my Live Stream?

It's all about advance promotion. If no one known about your program, no one will show up to view it.

How to Garner a Larger Live Stream Audience

The following is for a live stream for a large event that only runs annually, monthly, or even weekly. Advance promotion for a one time event varies slightly in the area of future planning for a repeat event as there won't be one.

  1. Create the live stream player and remember to properly set up the archiving pathway to record the

  2. Test the player right then before setting up any other aspects

  3. Copy and paste the appropriate share links to that player and use them in relevant advance promotional tools like emails, web assets and even print collateral (brochures). Unlike YouTube and other video web hosts, our share codes do not change but remain constant and reliable links to your live stream program. Our church customers use these links for years to broadcast their regular worship services.

  4. Use social media and email, and maybe even a dedicated phone line to answer questions about the upcoming event. Advance promotion content should be brief, cincise, and include contact information.

  5. Promote the actual event by running advance live streams that lead up to the event. One month before, one week before, one day before. Promote those advance  programs as question and answer sessions or interview specialists on the subject, or feature persons involved in the main event.

  6. Have a technical (or two) ready to receive calls and help folks connect or repair their connection to the program during the event.

  7. During and after the event, be aware of the analytics. Use the metrics from the event to adjust for the following live stream.


There are web media hosts that act as both the packaging app AND the streaming agent. EZWebPlayer is not one of those. EZWebPlayer is your web agent that packages the programming stream with professional and very useful tools for broadcasting your stream in multiple locations simultaneously such as 1) to the Internet at large, 2) on your web site in a special stand alone player page, or embedded on your web site, 3) Social media, like Facebook. But, you will still have to have a streaming agent like Adobe FMLE or Open Broadcaster.

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder


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