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Account Availability

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What You Will Need

You’re going to need a camera(s), microphone(s), a program(s) that manages the camera/mic stream linked to the computer-- EZWebPlayer will be your “Distribution Agent” that packages and broadcasts your live stream for sharing on the web.

Devices or Programs you will need

  • A computer that can handle live streaming; one with sufficient hardware and a good connection to your local Internet via a cable instead of a wireless connection. A wireless connection can work under the proper circumstances, but hard wiring or a wired connection or a cable connection is preferred. Also, see this post regarding connecting over long distances from computer to modem.
  • Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder see the mostly black window image below.
  • Camera
  • Optional Programs Used to replace the single camera device or act as an intermediary. Allows for multiple cameras and transitions between video feeds.

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Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder