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Something that is near impossible

to get around is viewing your live stream while broadcasting your live stream. You are pretty much stuck with using the same Internet connection to test view, as you do for sourcing. It’s simply the way that most virtual pipelines are configured for the average user.

“Hey, why can’t I simply use my iPhone to test the stream while I’m broadcasting from my laptop?” you might ask. Because, those two devices are still more than likely using the same Internet connection. And, even if your laptop is plugged into a cable, both the wired laptop and the wireless iPhone are still connected to the same Internet connection modem. Thus, some producers experiencing some slow-downs. It is an inescapable fact that using one Internet connection to both broadcast AND monitor the live stream can limit your ability to source the live stream successfully.

Watching video programs over telephone network connections like AT&T, whether the videos are live streaming or VoD (Video on Demand) often does not work. My iPhone almost always tells me to “Please find a WIFI connection to watch this video” because many videos are still running too high of a bitrate to run over a mobile telephone network, and the phone “knows” that.

Since this is true for almost everyone, then everyone must remember that if there are some lag times for the producer when he/she is testing the stream, this lag is not necessarily being experienced by the end viewers. The end viewers should not be broadcasting live streams while they are trying to watch yours.

We suggest 

Making sure that you and everybody else on the same Internet connection are not streaming anything else, either up or down, while you are running the live stream.

The only conventional way partially around this that is available to many is setting up two or more separate connection gateways from the same provider. Obviously, there will still be a cap on the amount of bandwidth that is available for all at that physical address. But your private connection will not be used by anyone else as you source your live stream. Your private connection can be “prioritized” by your router setup to make sure that the other connection does not rob from it by others trying to stream.

“…setting up two or more separate connection gateways from the same provider.”

This is a typical issue in places like churches and other places of worship where there is little to no control over enforcing the “No WIFI use” rule that all of those posted signs announce. Sporting venues and theaters are the same way but they have the luxury of being able to invest in more partitioned assets. Your local shopping mall has to worry about that as well.

Talk to a reliable techy type

individual at a good Radio Shack or Best Buy store. They can point you towards the best hardware solutions for your situation. The protected node is not necessarily a default setup. You may have to employ a specialist to set it up one time if you have no one in your organization with the skill set to configure this profile in the new or existing Internet connection gear.

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