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Getting Started

Most live streaming interface programs offer a wide range of settings possible for both video and audio programming. But, the Internet, and more specifically, the World Wide Web, is the all important bottle neck to which live programming must conform. Therefore, EZWebPlayer strives to offer suggestions to make your live programming easy to view for the largest number of a general audience. If you have special situations that fall outside of general programming parameters, such as extremely high density video like 4K-5K HD Quality at giant settings such as 1900 pixels wide, viewers with insufficient bandwidth or hardware can suffer severe playing quality issues unless you have planned for these special situations.

For the largest inclusive audience possibilities, use these images as settings guidelines. EZWebPlayer follows the technical theory of medium quality settings for higher audience inclusion as a default. This is especially useful for the increasing mobile device audience population. Bit rates at or a little below below 1,000 are a good starting point for testing in most geographic areas. Remember that all audiences and markets are different and unique.

Pro Account Live Stream Settings

XSplit Example

White Label Account Live Stream Settings

XSplit Example

White Label Custom Account Live Stream Settings

XSplit Example

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