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"Landing Page" in this case is the same as "Video Template". We are throwing around three unique terms here;

  • Landing Page
  • Video Template
  • Quick View

We are not doing this deliberately to confuse. But, as our product has progressed we morphed forward and need to clarify here.

Landing Page and Video Template can be used interchangeably. These are the web browser pages that open up to play your video. Quick View is our exclusive player page that opens up a web browser from either your EZWebPlayer console for you to view your player, or from the Quick View link that you share.

Description - What can a landing page do for me?

A custom Landing Page will allow you the option to quickly customize your player's Quick View page to have the look and feel of your web page's design. We have several templates pre-coded for your use that can be customized even further with the help of HTML and CSS. In this way you can rebrand the quick view page with your web site’s color scheme. You will have the option to use HTML, CSS to code your landing page as well as the option to create a custom playlist that will be automatically generated based on the videos within its connected channel. You may also upload your own imagery to your landing page as well; for example your logo that can link back to your web site.

The EZWebPlayer Support staff is ready to assist you at whatever level needed to get you started. So, don't worry about "too much techiness." They're here to help. Simply contact

Quickview Page Layouts


a landing page template attached to it


a landing page template attached to it

Sample - a video player without a constructed landing page.

Sample - a video player with a constructed landing page.

Free Landing Page Creation

All new White Label and White Label Custom accounts receive their first Landing Page creation free of charge. And after that, the Support folks are still there whenever you need changes.

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