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The EZWebPlayer iOS Live Streamer is an Apple Accepted application (find it in your App Store on your Apple device, iPhone, etc) that allows you to live stream from your Apple device; like your iPhone.

What does this mean? This means that you can livestream from anywhere that allows your device to connect to the Internet via wi-fi or cable connection, and anyone on the planet can watch it on their connected device, which includes all mobile devices, laptop or desktop computer.

EZWebPlayer mini logo. Look for it in the Apple App Store


  • Sporting events-- you can broadcast your child's baseball game or soccer match so that family far away can enjoy it.
  • Public Meetings-- want to share important civic events going on locally with those who might be interested? Your monthly town hall meetings can be broadcasted from your iPhone to the entire community.
  • Special day-- the wedding or big birthday party can be shared across town or around the world.
  • Holidays-- share thanksgiving with loved ones in another town or another country.
  • Business-- allow your client to see the inside of that special new home RIGHT NOW! LIVE.

Using the EZWebPlayer RTMP Live Streaming iOS Application

Step 1. Log into your account from your mobile device and make sure you are on your account's Videos page. From there you can search for your live streaming player created earlier looking for it in the video list or by typing in the title of the player into the search field and clicking on the orange search button. Then select the video's settings option.


Videos Page inside your EZWebPlayer account.

Step 2. Scroll down to the tabbed windows and make sure you are on the "Video Details" tab.

Video Details Tab inside the Settings page

Step 3. Within this tab, locate your player's "iOS RTMP URL".

The RTMP URL in the Advanced Options group of the Settings page

Step 4. Click and hold on the "iOS RTMP URL" to bring up your device's option to "Select All". Go ahead and click on the "Select All" option.

Selecting the RTMP URL in your EZWebPlayer account

Step 5. Then click on the "Copy" option. The "iOS RTMP URL" should now be in your device's clipboard to be used in the next few steps.

Copying the RTMP URL in your EZWebPlayer account

Step 6. Close out of your device's Web Browser app. Locate and open the "EZWebPlayer" app. If you do not yet have the EZWebPlayer Live Streaming IOS application you can get it through your IOS devices app store and searching for EZWebPlayer or by going to

The EZWebPlayer Live Streamer on your device

Step 7. Click and hold on the RTMP URL input box to open up the Paste option. Paste the content into the RTMP URL field.

Pasting the RTMP address into the RTMP field in the EZWebPlayer Live Streamer on your device

Step 8. You should now have pasted in the "iOS RTMP URL" for your live streaming player and you are ready to stream from your device. Click on the circle button to start your stream. The circle button is located in the lower left hand corner.

Clicking on the circle button to start your stream

Step 9. If you are successful you should start to see the time indicated increasing. Within a few seconds, your live stream will be visible from your player's quick view page inside your EZWebPlayer account  individual video, and on the web page to which you have posted your player on your web site, and from virtually any browser that is displaying that player's URL.

Live Streamer operating

Stopping the Stream

To stop the stream, click on the stop icon located in the lower left hand corner of the screen. It is indicated below by the red arrow.

The Stop Button

Creating your Live Streamer

Step 1. Before using the EZWebPlayer Live Streamer iOS App., you first need to have created a live streaming player within your EZWebPlayer account. Click here to learn more. Once your live streaming player is created and posted to your web site you are ready to begin using the iOS App on your iPhone or other Apple device.

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