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For a fast start in 2017, choose a web video host that delivers maximum punch instead of minimum effort. EZWebPlayer is the most feature rich web video player in the industry. Compare it to ANY other player. 

  • Upload over Amazon Cloud under your custom packaging
  • Carry-through SEO everywhere the video goes
  • Video Sitemap created automatically

Punch 1- Easy Uploading and Packaging your video for the Web over Amazon Cloud under your branding

EZWebPlayer automatically transcodes (re-renders) every video to maximize for smooth playing at most efficient file size and speed, then carries titling, description and SEO tags across the web into every deployment imaginable for your web site, email, blog and even individual players over the most reliable network on the planet, the Amazon Cloud.
Amazon Cloud Partner
White Label Domain Branding

watch the short video-- click on image

  • This video summarizes all the main features of EZWebPLayer White Label.
  • All free trials are the White Label Account Level
  • Free custom built landing page with all White Labels;  matches your site's branding

Punch 2- The right SEO for magnetic and sticky video pages

Your SEO tags are incorporated into the file as it gets deployed across the web and repeats that SEO message at every juncture, creating “SEO echoes” everywhere it goes and plays.


Punch 3- Video Sitemap created automatically that accelerates your site's SEO ahead of the rest

EZWebPlayer’s automatic video sitemap accelerates the hourly and daily cataloging of your web site’s video collection for ultimate search engine visibility everywhere it reaches; first with Google and then with every major search engine that it reaches.

Don't want SEO because you are deploying behind a firewall? One click defeats the SEO for that video or your entire site.

To learn more about this process click here
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