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We've been posting a lot about mobile lately - especially since global web traffic surpassed 50% and is estimated to jump to 70% in 5 years (Mobile Data and Web Video) - so we thought we'd get back to basics for a quick post and remind folks that being mobile ready isn't just about transcoding, it's also about creating videos viewers can see, hear and "get" on the small screen.

Optimize Web Videos for Mobile and even your desktop audience will be better served.

Tighten Up

  • For headshots this may mean using tighter shots. You still want a variety, but more close-ups will work better for demonstration videos & interviews.

Cleaner audio

  • Even though the audio speaker on the smart phone and tablets have gotten better, delivering higher quality, it's easy to forget how terrible the listening environment can be for those using mobile, what does this mean? It means your audio mix is more important than ever. Consider toning down the base, which gets muddy through small speakers and, if you have a voice over, go a little farther than you would normally to separate the music track from the voice-over track. That means you'll need to tone down your sound effect too, so they don't over power the voice track. Allow the human dialogue to be understood, not just heard. The talking head shouldn't just be noise-- it should be clear language that delivers your important message. Becauase, your video's voice track might just be competing with anything from six loud tots playing in a daycvare room, to the vollyball game at the beach.

Less is Way More

  • Clearer Simpler Graphics - whether you're using full screen images or bulleted lists, simplifying a graphic can be a serious challenge so take it seriously! When you're planning your graphics, lean toward fewer items & leave them on screen longer than usual. Don't forget that when viewers are using their mobile devices, they're facing more distractions than when watching on a large screen. Therefore, use simpler, cleaner graphics, more straight forward visual concepts, and easier to understand talking heads and dialogues.

Use a Mobile ready Platform and/or Player

  • At some point everyone has to export and transcode - needless to say, if you are using desktop software you'll need to transcode multiple versions and give viewers a choice ... we recommend using a video platform, like EZWebPlayer, because we auto-transcode and optimize your videos for multiple devices as you upload to the cloud. That means that EZWebPlayer handles both HD/Desktop and mobile in one function. Your playback in mobile as well as large HD is covered. You can even play on giant screens at trade shows at the same time you are shunting to mobile devices.



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Stu Marks
Sales and Support

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