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Re-use video space, endlessly. Makes sense on several levels;

  • Accumulated SEO = smart
  • Saved time = $
  • Navigation greased tracks = more and longer visits

Choose your most complex video player setup, keep all of the settings and appropriate links, then simply change the video file. Can't do that on You Tube.

Automatically deploying web video campaigns that your office staff can handle.

So, what do I mean by "re-using video space?"

Here's the short cut explanation scenario;

You have a set of short, killer videos that do the best job of telling your story and getting customers to click. So, you upload the first video to the web on Thursday morning at 5:30. After it's through uploading, transcoding and testing, you setup the channel settings, check the auto play box, copy and paste all of the title and content text that appear along side the video-- checking for SEO opportunities and using key words, and attach the company pre-roll and post-roll videos that accompany every video. Then you go grab the Call-to-Action link that leads to your product ordering page, or appointment setting tool and pepper those links and key words liberally throughout the player page content.

It is now 45 minutes later (used to take you an hour and a half but you are getting good at this). You set yourself a reminder next Wednesday afternoon a week away to upload the second video.

A week passes. You see the reminder and get to work. You have to do all of this all over again even though all the data and settings are relevant because all of that never changes, only the video is new. So, it takes you another 45 minutes. The thought occurs to you that if there was a way to simplify this, an office staffer could be tasked with this while you do more important things, or maybe get home ahead of the traffic rush 45 minutes early.


You don’t have to set up all of the important elements of the Web Video anymore. Things that never or rarely change can stay in place for each fresh video deployment, only the video need changing.

EZWebPlayer's suggestion for this tool is pretty straight forward and applies to just about every business or not-for-profit that uploads videos regularly. So, you can handle the monthly, weekly or even daily new video with only one click, and the new video replaces the old one.

So, in one click, you'll have deployed a video that is wrapped in all of the right SEO tags, your company logo and contact info, any other links you want setup, the proper channel settings, auto-play, auto replay, play button overlay and a whole list of other marketing assets like your own domain up in the URL window, etc.

It's truly a fire and forget function. So it realistically takes you as long it takes to click and choose the video in your video folder on your hard drive. What? 5 seconds? Don't even wait for uploading, just walk away. It is even auto-saved.

And, if you feel like it, you can manage it further on the fly from your mobile device, or wait till you get home. EZWebPlayer turns you into a virtual warrior. Log in and change the title or anything else.


The framework all stays in place-- only the actual video changes;

  • Business or Company Title
  • Major SEO Tags
  • Location on the Server
  • Folder Name
  • Pre-Roll Teaser Video Short
  • Post-Roll Call-to-Action Video Short
  • Many more options

-- or be tweaked, either way. But the major setting-up can stay in place. Just change the content of the video to keep the campaign fresh and to keep your customer and leads current on product changes, pricing specials, etc.
EZWebPlayer has a 1-button answer for time-saving and powerful marketing tools. This button can be found on the Video Details tab of the settings page for a video.
Obviously, if you want a growing online archive of these videos, you’ll need to upload the new video into a second record, so this File Change does not handle EVERY circumstance. But duplicating a record is a one-click function.

Here's the navigation to get to that all-important Change Video File link in your EZWebPlayer account

1. Click on the VIDEOS button in the top navigation bar on any main page
2. Click on the SETTINGS button on the video of your choice
3. Scroll all the way down and click on the CHANGE VIDEO FILE button in the Advanced Options section. This will open up the Add A Video page, just like uploading a new video. Using the UPLOAD button, navigate through your computer's folders for the new file to upload.
4. Wile the video is uploading and trans coding, you can do nothing, or make changes to anything you wish-- from Player Settings and Channel choices, to Title, Description and Tags. 

But, the greatest thing about this tool is that you can leave all of the settings just as they are-- do nothing. The embed code and hyper link you used to post this video Player in your blog, on your site and in emails and Newsletters will automatically point to the new video file. Yeah, I know, right? So cool.


Thanks for stopping by our blog

Stu Marks
Sales and Support

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