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How long would it take you to write a million words to your market? That’s the equivalent of 3,600 typical web pages.**

But, why use EZWebPlayer?

Here’s why; because EZWebPlayer can make the most of your web video. Let EZWebPlayer place your single video in front of the audiences of your blog, your email list, your web site landing page AND your social media campaign all at once. One video can grab a much larger chunk of your market if it is deployed right.

The best part is that you can wrap your important single video with pre-roll and post-roll advertising front 

and back end, and all is under YOUR branding, not anybody else’s; not even EZWebPlayer’s.

“…and all is under YOUR branding,”

EZWebPlayer’s White Label is becoming the industry’s go to for standard white label branding. The web marketing community (that means most businesses) are finding out what our first flight of customers discovered years ago; branding is everything. And EZWebPlayer has the best branding tools to reach and then maintain your market.

White Label branding means that there are no competing videos trying to steal away your customers. No scrolling list of other videos to watch. Only your videos are presented to your market. When the video ends play, YOUR OWN scrolling list of videos pop into the player window. And, if you let us build you your first Video Landing Page template, you actually can present your videos with a full time scrolling video strip under or next to the player window.

** That’s the value of one minute of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

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Stu Marks
Sales and Support

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