This article covers two important Video Control points:

  • What do my viewers see wrapped around my video while it plays?

  • What plays next after my video comes to the end?

If you are serious about video on the Internet, that is, if your video’s message is important—if you want results from posting your video, like more people taking action, or more people visiting your site or even your physical location, then you must get serious about how you post video and the choices that your viewers are given during and after your video plays.

ISSUE: the simplest posting pathway is not the best.

You tend to post your important video to the easiest video portals. Maybe YouTube or Vimeo for example. There are options beyond the default. Here is why this is important to consider.

1) While your video is playing, there is typically other things that can distract the people watching your video. There are images, links and messages outside of the video player, and often even a scrolling video playlist on the side or underneath the player. I dare you to take control of that real estate in Vimeo or YouTube.

2) After your video is finished playing, both Vimeo and YouTube choose a “relevant” video and line it up for playing next. Will this next video be one that you want your video viewer to watch? Will it take them down the decision trail you want them to travel? Not likely. As a matter of fact, the very next video to play is often from your competitor, if it’s not just some random entertainment video that distracts them off their search path entirely.

SOLUTIONS: use the best of both worlds.

Instead of choosing the default pathway of least resistance to post your video (Vimeo, YouTube), choose a video web host that hands you full control of the player in which your video will play. And not just the video window, but everything on the entire browser page.

But, I want the momentum that Vimeo and YouTube provide.

Simple. Upload a short teaser video to YouTube that points to your web site. Problem solved. That's what should be done anyway.

Here’s more on the features that EZWebPlayer has set up for serious video work. These are features both in our exclusive White Label account level, and also included in even the entry level account we call Lite.


1) Full control of web real estate surrounding the video player:

2) Page Forwarding, or Change Page After Playback

Your entire video collection for the same price as one video. Sound impossible?

All of EZWebPlayer's account levels are No-Limit. You can upload videos and create as many live streams as you want or need for one flat price.

Several of our users have many videos in their account. One in particular, a university, has over 7,000 videos uploaded and they pay the same price they did when they only had one.

Not Bare Bones

And, we're not talking some bare bones web hosting profile, either. EZWebPlayer is actually the most feature rich web video host on the market. In our four tiers of account levels, we have some features that are actually exclusive to our structure—that means no other company offers them.

Case Study, Uploading Entire Video Library

Bentley University near Boston Uses EZWebPlayer

For this Boston suburb university, they have a channel for each department that is using video, that's 75 channels. One channel alone has 2,382 videos and includes individual student presentations for recent years.

From Admin to English, Marketing to Student Services, Phd Program to International Education, they have all of their videos setup in an easy to find profile with the ability to share them in mass or individually.

Huge Number of Videos

The total number of videos uploaded to Bentley's account is over 7,100 and grows every quarter. Their annual fee to EZWebPlayer never goes up. There's a secret to this that apparently only EZWebPlayer uses. We'd be glad to talk to you about your specific video library needs.


Anyone can afford professional web video hosting starting at $14.99/month. Even our top tier is only $89.99/month (with the 10% one year discount). No added bandwidth fees. See below for contact info.

Partial Summary Feature List—No Programmer Needed

Video on Demand
No-Limit on Videos
Live Stream w/Auto Archiving
Video Quality Switcher for Slower Devices
Sub Channels Five Levels Deep
CtA Advertising Module
Site Map Publication
SEO Control
Tags and Video Info for Searches
Page Forwarding at End of Play
Fast Video Disable Control
Endless Programmable Settings Profiles
Fast Video File Changer
Custom Video Landing Page Templates
Auto Play
Pause on Last Frame
Horizontal or Vertical
Wide Screen or Standard

On Screen Video Rating
On Screen Scrolling Playlist
On Screen Sharing and Embedding
On Screen Play Button Defeat
Full Control of Channel Features
Order Playlist by 9 Different Orders
Play Loop
Scrub Bar Control
Time Stamp Control
Volume Slide Control
Full Screen Control
Four Different Share Code Sets
One-Click Social Media Posting
Custom Video Thumbnail Imager
Custom Domain Branding
Branded Admin Console
Choose Player Skins
Any Size Video
Any Shape Video
Everything Brandable

How long would it take you to write a million words to your market? That’s the equivalent of 3,600 typical web pages.**

But, why use EZWebPlayer?

Here’s why; because EZWebPlayer can make the most of your web video. Let EZWebPlayer place your single video in front of the audiences of your blog, your email list, your web site landing page AND your social media campaign all at once. One video can grab a much larger chunk of your market if it is deployed right.

The best part is that you can wrap your important single video with pre-roll and post-roll advertising front 

and back end, and all is under YOUR branding, not anybody else’s; not even EZWebPlayer’s.

“…and all is under YOUR branding,”

EZWebPlayer’s White Label is becoming the industry’s go to for standard white label branding. The web marketing community (that means most businesses) are finding out what our first flight of customers discovered years ago; branding is everything. And EZWebPlayer has the best branding tools to reach and then maintain your market.

White Label branding means that there are no competing videos trying to steal away your customers. No scrolling list of other videos to watch. Only your videos are presented to your market. When the video ends play, YOUR OWN scrolling list of videos pop into the player window. And, if you let us build you your first Video Landing Page template, you actually can present your videos with a full time scrolling video strip under or next to the player window.

** That’s the value of one minute of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

Have a video that you want to share now? "Try it Free"

The Things You Brand with Your Company’s Brand

  • Building/property
  • Company trucks and cars
  • Stationary/Letterhead
  • Business cards
  • Marketing peripherals; i.e., pens, note pads, golf balls, etc.
  • Company uniforms and sales dress shirts and polo shirts
  • Name tags
  • Web site

Why would you NOT brand your video player?

The web video player that plays your web videos on your site and as stand-alone landing pages should have your company branding, not You Tube’s, not Vimeo’s. Unless you’re selling Vimeo or You Tube products, your web video player shouldn’t have those names on them.

Drop the forced branding.

Either have a neutral brand (no branding) or use the space for your own branding


Reach more and do more with custom domain branding

Subscribe to EZWebPlayer’s White Label CUSTOM Plan and you get all this:

  • Complete administration console branding
  • Sub Account logins
  • Reselling
  • Custom domain-branded players
  • Domain-branded video sitemap
  • Domain-branded video landing pages
  • and much more!

EZWebPlayer’s White Label Custom™

allows you to avoid the enormous cost of platform development – you simply “skin” (customize) our site to look like yours. You can use our technology for your own needs while you resell it.

S.E.O. is just the beginning. You need to L.P.O. you site. Hurry, they're getting away!


If you are new to tracking your web video views, here’s a quick How To video on zipping right to the exact data you need.

In this video, you’ll see how to:

  • Change the page view
  • Browse more videos per page
  • Target a specific date range
  • Get actual views per day, not just percentages

Watch the video


Are you marketing to the deaf and blind, or are your videos simply invisible?

It is true that producing the video takes a lot of effort, especially if you are not a video producer but your business needs good video placed in front of your market to draw them in. But, once the video is finished and uploaded, what is the absolute most important task that gets people to watch the video?

You’re going to want to slap someone when you read the next sentence.

You’re going to want to slap someone when you read the next sentence. You must advertise the video address. Yes, a simple concept, but one that describes an important and possibly complex task. But, it doesn’t have to be complex.

Analogy: contrasting trinket investment to custom video investment.

This image depicts all of the useful trinkets that are employed to garner your market's attention and remind it that you exist. Compared to your custom video describing your product's uniqueness, these trinkets are almost a complete waste of resources. Instead of spending $500 on pens and coffee cups for the year, hire a video producer for a 30 second viral attempt video.

How do people know the name of your business? Because, your business name or logo is advertised and promoted all over the place. It’s on your business card, stationary, invoice forms, cash register receipts, and your restaurant menu. It’s printed on your coffee cups, t-shirts, tote bags, retractable ink pens, baseball caps and on all of those custom golf balls that you had imprinted five years ago that nobody asks for but you still try to get rid of in every gift bag that you hand out. (What golfer seriously notices marketing info on golf balls? Where does that golf ball message spend most of its sad existence? In a dark poly-nylon pocket safely zipped up so that the ball won’t accidentally get its message out).

DISCLAIMER; (There are certainly appropriate opportunities for "trinket marketing." We have used them ourselves. But, we demand actual trackable results)

Just think of all of the exposure efforts that your name and logo get. But, the sad truth is that as important as your name is, simply sharing your name is actually less important than the web video link.

The video

  • informs about your product
  • creates interest
  • answers important questions
  • creates other questions for which they must contact you to get answers
  • turns a disinterested web skimmer into your next customer
  • provides the all important CtA! Call to Action. The subscription, the appointment, THE SALE!

Yet, how to see the video is often buried in small print, or sadly, no print at all.

The Permanent Video Address is probably the best kept secret in marketing/advertising.

One of the best tricks to making video work for you is to come up with a video address that never changes. The Permanent Video Address is probably the best kept secret in marketing/advertising. The only companies that seem to use it are larger enterprises. Why don’t all businesses use the permanent video address? My experience is that it’s under-used for the simplest reason; they just don’t know about it.

What is the Permanent Video Address?

I’ll use one of our video landing pages as the example.

The URL never changes, only the video file does. The address stays the same and keeps garnering more and more relevance as the SEO value grows.

The above video page address never changes. When we want to get exposure to our newest video, we do two things;

  1. We place that video at the head of this channel list so that it is the first video that plays
  2. We advertise the fire out of this web address.

So, what happens when the message changes? Doesn’t this video address become irrelevant? No. As a matter of fact, it becomes even more relevant and powerful. We make sure that our basic messages never change. We only have a very short list of main messages. Each new video simply tells the same story from new angles. It really doesn’t make any difference which video they are watching. The results are the same. They are watching one of our videos on our web site that always leads them to our CtA (Calls-to-Action) on the page.

Even more elegant is that after the first video plays, the Player sets up to automatically play the next video, and the next, and the next. Staying on our site watching videos is actually the easier default action than clicking away. Staying is the default action-- nothing further is needed. The two main choices can be 1) watch the next video or 2) go to the CtA.

And, much of the magic of this Permanent Video Address is in what is NOT happening.

  • The video is NOT being watched on You Tube, which is not our web site. You Tube is an entire step away from our web site
  • The video is NOT branded with someone else’s branding, like You Tube or Vimeo because it is our Permanent Video Address, it has our branding everywhere—even the URL is branded.
  • The video is not having to compete with all of the other video choices that can pop up at any moment from our competitors. The only videos watchable on this page are our videos.

You see, when you upload a new video to You Tube, the link to that new video that you must share is a brand new link with absolutely zero SEO weight attached to it. Why? Because its a brand new URL on the World Wide Web. Where as, our video landing page has been live on the WWW since 2009! Imagine the many years of SEO weight behind that!

You too can create your own video landing page with an unchanging URL.

So, now imagine the results when you are promoting your video page at all of the locations where your logo and business name appear.
What Kind of Businesses Need a Permanent Video Address?
  • Brick and mortar; restaurants, hair stylists, retail clothing boutiques, etc. Businesses that have parking lots or curbside parking.
  • Service industries; realtors, consultants, fitness experts, motivational speakers. 
  • Virtual web-based businesses and not-for-profits

Get your Permanent Video Address at and you can start publishing that all important video address to your market within hours. You can probably even use an existing URl that you already own as your permenant video address, it it's under your domain. Print the fire out of it. Then you can release new videos, yearly, monthly, weekly or daily-- or even hourly. And everywhere that your Permanent Video Address is published will be constantly reminding the world where to see your important video assets. You can even release live streams from the same address.


The Web Video Elevator Pitch

Getting it right for that at-a-glance presentation takes a little planning, but it’s extremely important for your web videos to get all the traction they can.

Just like the classic elevator pitch of the live sales lead, your video is really a modern version of an elevator pitch to get your main message across in as short and efficient moment as possible. And, we all know that you really do have only a moment to get the job done. The individuals are rare who actually watch entire sales videos all the way to the end. So, if you remember that your video is an elevator pitch on steroids, you can get as mucgh traction as possible out of every viewing of your sales video-- just like your elevator pitch.

Get these right and you have a much better chance of getting the best responses and sales from your web videos.


  • Title. The main thought in a few short words should be the title to your video for several reasons. The biggest is that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tags that lead and follow your video wherever it’s viewed grab relevant searches you intend.
  • Subtitle. The underscore thought that is the main theme of your content supporting the title. It’s like the video’s content in one sentence.
  • Main Points. Bullet points outlining the theme and content.
  • Call-to-Action. What you intend the viewer to take action on after watching the video. Link to the sales page, the product description page, or the subscribe page—any or all of those, or more.

Doing this turns your posted video into an SEO magnet.

Watch our 2:16 short video on how to use the Video Landing Page feature inside your EZWebPlayer White Label account to make the most of web video. Use your video landing page to setup your elevator pitch-- everything at a glance that supports your message.

EZWebPlayer's WHITE LABEL adds amazing, over-the-top value to everything in your web video toolbox-- including live streaming.

Before you fire up your next live stream, make sure you can at least perform these top 8 functions with it;

  1. Brand your live stream with your URL and nobody else's branding.
  2. Create the custom settings you need most for fast, one-click live-streamer tool. Link and deployment stay the same. Just click START in Adobe FMLE and it's live.
  3. At least High Quality 720HD live streaming video
  4. Automatically play your custom introduction or advertisement video before broadcasting
  5. Play over the cloud globally via the Amazon Web Services Structure (included)
  6. Stream all videos over the system that automatically senses what type of device it is serving and sends the right type of video file. Matches larger files to desktops and laptops and smaller files to mobiles
  7. Share your live stream via: +email link, +versatile IFrame embed code, +interactive Javascript, +text link for emails, +Word Press plugin, +Easy deployment to Face Book and other social media
  8. Auto Archive-- have the live stream viewable after the event within seconds, automatically. This is a BIGGY and a function that usually has to be custom coded if it's even available at all. but it is included with EZWebPlayer.

“… and the best part about EZWebPlayer’s live streaming is that you can have the player page match the customer’s web site.”

David Simpson, Streaming Media Live

North Hollywood, CA


Re-use video space, endlessly. Makes sense on several levels;

  • Accumulated SEO = smart
  • Saved time = $
  • Navigation greased tracks = more and longer visits

Choose your most complex video player setup, keep all of the settings and appropriate links, then simply change the video file. Can't do that on You Tube.

Automatically deploying web video campaigns that your office staff can handle.

So, what do I mean by "re-using video space?"

Here's the short cut explanation scenario;

You have a set of short, killer videos that do the best job of telling your story and getting customers to click. So, you upload the first video to the web on Thursday morning at 5:30. After it's through uploading, transcoding and testing, you setup the channel settings, check the auto play box, copy and paste all of the title and content text that appear along side the video-- checking for SEO opportunities and using key words, and attach the company pre-roll and post-roll videos that accompany every video. Then you go grab the Call-to-Action link that leads to your product ordering page, or appointment setting tool and pepper those links and key words liberally throughout the player page content.

It is now 45 minutes later (used to take you an hour and a half but you are getting good at this). You set yourself a reminder next Wednesday afternoon a week away to upload the second video.

A week passes. You see the reminder and get to work. You have to do all of this all over again even though all the data and settings are relevant because all of that never changes, only the video is new. So, it takes you another 45 minutes. The thought occurs to you that if there was a way to simplify this, an office staffer could be tasked with this while you do more important things, or maybe get home ahead of the traffic rush 45 minutes early.


You don’t have to set up all of the important elements of the Web Video anymore. Things that never or rarely change can stay in place for each fresh video deployment, only the video need changing.

EZWebPlayer's suggestion for this tool is pretty straight forward and applies to just about every business or not-for-profit that uploads videos regularly. So, you can handle the monthly, weekly or even daily new video with only one click, and the new video replaces the old one.

So, in one click, you'll have deployed a video that is wrapped in all of the right SEO tags, your company logo and contact info, any other links you want setup, the proper channel settings, auto-play, auto replay, play button overlay and a whole list of other marketing assets like your own domain up in the URL window, etc.

It's truly a fire and forget function. So it realistically takes you as long it takes to click and choose the video in your video folder on your hard drive. What? 5 seconds? Don't even wait for uploading, just walk away. It is even auto-saved.

And, if you feel like it, you can manage it further on the fly from your mobile device, or wait till you get home. EZWebPlayer turns you into a virtual warrior. Log in and change the title or anything else.


The framework all stays in place-- only the actual video changes;

  • Business or Company Title
  • Major SEO Tags
  • Location on the Server
  • Folder Name
  • Pre-Roll Teaser Video Short
  • Post-Roll Call-to-Action Video Short
  • Many more options

-- or be tweaked, either way. But the major setting-up can stay in place. Just change the content of the video to keep the campaign fresh and to keep your customer and leads current on product changes, pricing specials, etc.
EZWebPlayer has a 1-button answer for time-saving and powerful marketing tools. This button can be found on the Video Details tab of the settings page for a video.
Obviously, if you want a growing online archive of these videos, you’ll need to upload the new video into a second record, so this File Change does not handle EVERY circumstance. But duplicating a record is a one-click function.

Here's the navigation to get to that all-important Change Video File link in your EZWebPlayer account

1. Click on the VIDEOS button in the top navigation bar on any main page
2. Click on the SETTINGS button on the video of your choice
3. Scroll all the way down and click on the CHANGE VIDEO FILE button in the Advanced Options section. This will open up the Add A Video page, just like uploading a new video. Using the UPLOAD button, navigate through your computer's folders for the new file to upload.
4. Wile the video is uploading and trans coding, you can do nothing, or make changes to anything you wish-- from Player Settings and Channel choices, to Title, Description and Tags. 

But, the greatest thing about this tool is that you can leave all of the settings just as they are-- do nothing. The embed code and hyper link you used to post this video Player in your blog, on your site and in emails and Newsletters will automatically point to the new video file. Yeah, I know, right? So cool.


Big Numbers About User Engagement with Video Content

Crafting your web videos for largest possible audience response doesn't mean that you have to write and produce for lowest common denominator. If that were true, all viral videos would be based either on kittens and unicorns or free beer and nudity.

But, since viral videos share none of the lowest common denominator characteristics in the way of intelligent design criteria, and that they are all across the board in many areas, we look to see what values they do share.

The resulting numbers mean that there are some important guidelines that the producer or content editor must keep in mind when response numbers are king. Here are a few guidelines that I gleaned recently from three big relevant research giants in the web video industry.

10 seconds

That’s how long you have to grab the attention of viewers in a video marketing clip. According to research by Visible Measures, 20% of your viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or fewer.

And it doesn’t get a lot better than that. You’ll lose about 1/3 of your viewers by 30 seconds, 45% of them by 1 minute and almost 60% by 2 minutes. And those numbers remain the same no matter how long the video is.

But, remember that this does not means that your video can only be 10 seconds long. It means that you have to get them hooked by that time mark.

5 minutes

There’s good news, though. While desktop viewers tend to stick with videos for 2 minutes or less, mobile users seem to have a longer attention span. iPhone users tend to watch for about 2.4 minutes. Android users give a video three minutes to engage them and Symbian users stick around for just over 4 minutes. iPad users have the longest attention spans of all, sticking with a web video for an average of 5 minutes.


That’s the percentage of YouTube videos that are embedded, linked or shared on Tuesdays between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., according to Sysomos.

15 seconds

According to research conducted by Jun Group (2011), videos that are 15 seconds or shorter are shared 37 percent more often than those that last between 30 seconds and 1 minute. If you make your video longer, that stat goes down. Those shorties are only shared 18% more often than videos of longer than 1 minute.

Takeaway: Effective video marketing has to be engaging right from the start, but how do you know where your video is going off the rails? That’s where video analytics comes in. Detailed video analytics will tell you who’s watching your video, how long they stay engaged and exactly where they click away. Armed with that information, you can sharpen your message and target it more precisely.

EZWebPlayer is one of those rare Web Video hosting companies that offers a true one-stop-shop for all three of the most important web video elements;

  1. Hosting  Your videos and live streams going global over the Amazon Cloud.
  2. Branding Your branding and logos, nobody else's. You pay for the real estate, you should own it.
  3. Analytics Reporting the views of your video real estate. How many watched, how much and when?

Without all three, you can not be assured that you are making the most of your web video advertising dollar.

If you haven’t started your own video marketing campaign, isn’t it time you jumped in with both feet? There’s nothing to lose and about 403% more profit just waiting for you.

Start Here



Need Mobile Live Streaming? Use your mobile device to broadcast live stream events to your audience.

The Free Mobile Live Streaming App has innovative features such as automatically archiving the live stream as a web video file to your EZWebPlayer video account for immediate publishing as a VoD (Video on Demand) AUTOMATICALLY. Yes—it’s a fire-and-forget function. AND, it’s ready for watching immediately!

Mobile live streaming differs from standard live streaming in that you can live stream from any event via your Apple iPhone or Android Phone. The only other requirement is that you have wifi at the event. Our app resides on your phone so your stream can originate wherever your phone can go and still get wifi.