For a fast start in 2017, choose a web video host that delivers maximum punch instead of minimum effort. EZWebPlayer is the most feature rich web video player in the industry. Compare it to ANY other player. 

  • Upload over Amazon Cloud under your custom packaging
  • Carry-through SEO everywhere the video goes
  • Video Sitemap created automatically

Punch 1- Easy Uploading and Packaging your video for the Web over Amazon Cloud under your branding

EZWebPlayer automatically transcodes (re-renders) every video to maximize for smooth playing at most efficient file size and speed, then carries titling, description and SEO tags across the web into every deployment imaginable for your web site, email, blog and even individual players over the most reliable network on the planet, the Amazon Cloud.
Amazon Cloud Partner
White Label Domain Branding

watch the short video-- click on image

  • This video summarizes all the main features of EZWebPLayer White Label.
  • All free trials are the White Label Account Level
  • Free custom built landing page with all White Labels;  matches your site's branding

Punch 2- The right SEO for magnetic and sticky video pages

Your SEO tags are incorporated into the file as it gets deployed across the web and repeats that SEO message at every juncture, creating “SEO echoes” everywhere it goes and plays.


Punch 3- Video Sitemap created automatically that accelerates your site's SEO ahead of the rest

EZWebPlayer’s automatic video sitemap accelerates the hourly and daily cataloging of your web site’s video collection for ultimate search engine visibility everywhere it reaches; first with Google and then with every major search engine that it reaches.

Don't want SEO because you are deploying behind a firewall? One click defeats the SEO for that video or your entire site.

To learn more about this process click here


  • YOU OWN IT; Branding your videos and live streams.
  • Better Streaming Applications— Like a Kid in a Candy Store, OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS


Image; original from--

You are paying for the web real estate, so only your brand should be featured, right? So, a true business package should at least have these three elements; Advertising, Branding and Premium Hosting.

Let's face it, all web video hosts fall into two categories; Free; like You Tube, that draws large amounts of viewers but places your viewers dangerously close to competitive videos, and Upscale hosts like VimeoEZWebPlayerWistia and Brightcove. They provide a professional, industrial environment in which your videos are presented. So, what's the difference? Are any of these, or any other's not even listed, much different or unique in their mission to serve the business community? The answer is a resounding YES!

Only EZWebPlayer gives you these three biggies at the lowest price in the industry.

 No other web video host even offers this true business package without putting THEIR brand on YOUR web real estate. If you are running a brick and mortar business, you don't feature the contracting company's name in a big sign over your office, do you? Who cares who put the building up that you own? What matters to the customer is that it is YOUR building, YOUR offices and YOUR product. No need to advertise who put up the building, who provides the utilities and who caters your lunches. That's just silly. So, why do we allow this for our business web videos?

If you want to appear trendy, go buy a cheap T-shirt with "Adidas" printed on the chest. But, when paying out hundreds of dollars a year to promote your product, don't settle for trendy, just do the right thing. Feature your brand, not someone else's.

Our new White Board Video goes into more detail on this as well as featuring other important elements of our business video offering for the White Label account level. Watch the video here.

  1. Advertising. Attach advertisements to each video or an entire channel of videos-- simple, fast and no extra charge. (Call-to-Actions, or CtA's)
  2. Custom Branding. Put your own branding on your video player in front of your customers. Your logo, your slogans, your custom images and your contact information. This space is yours-- you own it so don't let others advertise competitive videos.
  3. Premium Video Hosting. EZWebPlayer is an Amazon CloudFront Partner so you get the best hosting on the globe for less through our unique partnership and pricing structure. An automatically integrated Amazon CloudFront deployment of all your videos is included with your EZWebPlayer account—No Extra Charge.

Read more on our Features and Pricing Pages here;
Truly Free Trial; no credit card needed.




Better Streaming Applications— Like a Kid in a Candy Store, OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS

Shortly after EZWebPlayer added live streaming to our bundle serving the business and not-for-profit communities, we learned that ther are good live streaming platforms, and there really good live streaming platforms. The choice is mainly up to the user as to which platform fits their needs. The basic old faithful, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) is a good starter or basic platform. But, if you want to do more than simply run one occasional stream at a time, you might want to take a look at XSplit and OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

We have put together some WIKI pages in our Knowledge Base that does a great job of handing you a getting started tutorial for these powerful streaming applications.

Take a look at these Live Streaming platform options that are feature packed and affordable. Many of our clients have had great success replacing Adobe's FMLE with these feature packed applications.

For Mac 

Open Broadcaster Software


For PC



"We partner with EZWebPlayer in large part because they’re easy to work with; they roll out new features regularly; their pricing is extremely competitive and a great value. And EZWebPlayer partners with Amazon CloudFront. That gives Lightswitch CloudFront’s powerful delivery platform, that’s peace of mind." --Lightswitch, Chicago; platform for Groupon and countless other web based advertising enterprises and small businesses.


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How much are you losing in labor hours from either not using a business video host, or a complicated uploading pipeline that requires specialized training and knowledge? Especially if it's The Boss (single biz owners or high level management) who is handling the web videos.


There's no reason to avoid trying EZWebPlayer's Free Trial. No credit card needed-- truly free trial.


Fast business video uploading can be like fast food—it’s extremely convenient and THAT’s why fast food is a billion burger industry. Where business video uploading and fast food differ is in the area of health. Is fast video deployment healthy to your office and business expenses? AB-SO-RUT-RY RORGE! Fast food health? Not so much.

"Ready-to-roll preset deployment template that you setup. Upload the next video without changing a thing"

A simple yet business class web video host is an important part of doing business on the web. A business class video host includes important web elements by default.

  • Your branding, not theirs
  • Ready-to-roll preset deployment template that you setup. Upload the next video without changing a thing
  • Advertising module (Call-to-Action or “CtA”)
  • Channel Player; segments longer videos into smaller parts and categorizes for better targeted audience
  • Analytics; lets you know how your video is being watched—when and how often
  • Live Customer Service with real humans
  • Constant innovative updates
  • Live Streaming Service at no extra charge


But, one of the most important elements can be how simple it is to upload and configure your important videos. EZWebPlayer was not named that by accident. Our web video management platform was built with the small to medium sized business operator in mind, because that’s who built it—a handful of small business owners who saw the need in the market place that no one was filling.

Uploading business videos is an important task that shouldn’t require expensive I.T. staff or third party vendors to accomplish. You and your existing office staff can easily upload and configure your video presence on the web. And, if there are any questions you still have, EZWebPlayer’s Customer Support Department is here to help via email, telephone or even WebX sessions as needed.

So, either way it's handled, EZWebPlayer does the heavy lifting for you-- at no extra charge.

Express Uploading

And, if you are in a real big hurry;

EZWebPlayer’s upload process hands you the shortlist of quick tasks that insure complete upload and “watchability” for your viewers. Uploading a video should be a short task that gets all of the important elements handled right from the start-- for every single video.

  • The right video file. The upload engine allows you to navigate directly to your computer to choose the correct video for uploading.
  • The correct titling. You are led to entering the desired title for your video. If you do not enter a title manually at that time, the system automatically enters the video file name for you as the title.
  • A short but complete description. Entering the description allows you to inform your viewers and video searchers whatever you want them to know about the video. Also this description is available to the search engines for more SEO relevance.
  • The all-important S.E.O. tags (Search Engine Optimization). Actual search relevance tags can be entered into a special field which drives searches to your relevant video.
  • Auto thumbnail image. The uploader takes a look at your video and creates several thumbnail images for you to choose from. If you do not choose one, it chooses one for you. You can also create your own and upload it manually.

When video site-mapping is used correctly, the typical search engine results on a Google page will include the thumbnail image, the title and the description along with the link to the video.

You can watch our short video here.


So really, there's no reason to avoid trying EZWebPlayer's Free Trial. No credit card needed-- truly free trial.




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One of the most important parts of putting video on the web is to ensure it has been rendered properly. We would like to lend some best practices that we have learned during our tenure of creating web video. File size, quality, bit rate and more, all come into play. There is no all inclusive guide out there that has all of the answers. Testing is the primary way you can get your render settings just right.

Video deployed on a website is a balance between apparent viewing quality and technical file size or bitrate. Yes, the majority of people have good connections. However, something like DSL can stutter even a well rendered file.
In this document we will outline video rendering best practices that will help you avoid issues with file buffering and more, whether you are embedding your video on your custom web site, or sharing through social media and emails.

Video Editing Software

There are many desktop video editing suites and packages out there. Most are capable of creating video that will work with Flash (Our players are created with Flash). We use Adobe Premiere to edit video. Information and screen shots provided below will be based off of Adobe Premiere CS4&5 but, the values mentioned are industry standard terms that usually apply cross platform.

 *** The Web Video Support Dept. makes it our business to serve your business. We spend countless hours every month helping our White Label and Pro customers setup their unique web video needs. No two businesses are the same and EZWebPlayer is not a cookie cutter vendor. We work hard to get our customer's message to the right people over a reliable video platform that makes it easy and affordable to upload and manage videos under their own branding. Let us help you meet your unique web video goals this week. Please try our player for free for 7 days. Click here to get started ***

Working with Web Video – Exporting from Your Video Program.

When working with web videos there are several properties that need to be addressed for a streaming file to play correctly. I recommend using FLV or H.264 within an MP4 container to create your streaming web videos. MOV does work but we have seen issues with those files. FLV and MP4 videos are smaller in file size and offer the same if not better quality then the MOV files.

The "pixel aspect ratio" of your video is important to maintain when encoding your timeline.
1920x1080 (High Definition)
720x480 (NTSC, 4:3 and 16:9)

- Our flash player plays videos best at 720x480 for NTSC and 800x450 for HD

- You can render your video any size you want as long as you keep your original ratio.

- The bitrate setting can vary depending on the overall production requirements.

- Our bitrate settings range from 500 - 1229kbps.

The audio settings are stereo, 32 - 128kbps. For longer videos, reducing this setting will help reduce file size a little. Changing this value usually can be done without noticeable quality loss unless one is working with extremely high fidelity gear, which would be seriously hampered by most Internet connections any way.

When working on an NTSC timeline, I've found that Premiere creates black bars on the right/left sides of the outputted FLV to accommodate for ratio differences. To eliminate this, render out a full quality .mpeg2 and use the Adobe flash encoder or embed the new mpeg into a timeline and then proceed to export the FLV/MP4.

High Definition

We find that MP4 files typically work best for High Definition. The terms "High Definition" and "HD" are thrown around a lot in the web world, but the truth is the only way you can really get high definition is by having a 24 inch monitor. The files you play through the Player that are labeled High Definition will be much better quality than your standard render, but there is no possible way to render a 1920X1080 file and send it to users unless you are using the Google or Yahoo vehicles . File size becomes a real problem here – a 5 minute video can become hundreds of MB's. If you plan to offer a High Definition render be sure you offer an alternate option for users who have trouble. Ensure your web host is capable of sending these files to the viewer fast enough. Don't forget to watch your bandwidth and storage usage with your web host – these files will eat it up. In our opinion the Internet is not yet ready for the regular person/business to display HD web video to a broad audience. 50MBps home lines are coming so it won't be long. I expect that in the next few years HD video will become more prevalent.

Another thing to keep in mind – FLV/MP4, etc are all rendered and compressed. The viewer's computer must decode the video. If people have a slow computer, they are low on RAM, and have a lot of programs running, it can cause the computer to hiccup. This is no fault of the flash player, but the fact that the person's computer is unable to handle that high quality of video.

Video Size & Long Videos

From the above example you can see that video file size starts to add up quickly. For this reason you want to have the right kind of render to fit your web hosting provider and your visitor's Internet connections.

30-50Mb for a 5 minute file is typically ideal. It is also a good idea to split up videos. In other words, running a 60 minute video may not be the best idea to a broad audience. The reasons why;

  • Under most circumstances, people simply will not watch the entire video. As a matter of fact, the average video length where people stop watching is actually under 5 minutes. I have a handful of clients of my own; one of them is the Southwest Washington Symphony Orchestra. The folks who watch their concerts as I deploy them live over the web, and then again from an archive that I maintain, rarely watch these concerts in full. Keep in mind that many of the viewers are family members and donors-- people who have vested interests in the performance. And I typically only get a 20% viewership that watch the concerts all the way to the end. Therefore, I always create mutipart segments; Spring Concert 2015 Part 1, Spring Concert 2015 Part 2, etc. Doing this actually makes program participation increase drastically; sometimes close to 90%
  • If your video host serves up video via full download, you will get the beginning of the download started as people begin to watch, and then even though folks stop watching the 30 minute program in 5 or 10 minutes, the file continues to download. This costs actual money and takes up real bandwidth needlessly.
  • If your video host, like EZWebPlayer, serves up video via streaming media only, folks can begin to watch a long video and then walk away. The video is still playing to a vast audience that simply is not watching. Again, resources wasted and unnecessarily higher fees result.

You can easily use the Player or the Channels to split up files into "chapters" and allow the viewer an easy way to see the parts of the video they desire. 5-10 minutes is your standard Internet Video Length.

Making videos short can ensure your viewers run into less viewing problems, while keeping your costs lower.


In order for the user to watch the video, a portion of the file must download to their computer. There has to be a little bit of a buffer for the video to play smoothly. If your video can't buffer as fast as you can watch it, your video will stop until the buffer catches up, only to stop again. We have tested our Player from virtually every conceivable connection type; there are still a lot of people living in remote areas with slow DSL or Satellite connections. That will probably never change. You don't want to forget about them. So, if you have control over buffering settings, keep this in mind. EZWebPlayer's buffering settings occasionally change as needed, but they hover around 5 - 15 seconds before and after the scrub bar emulator.

Clear your cache

Once the video fully downloads to your computer, it may store that and not try to download your new version next time. Be sure to empty your Browser cache each time you upload a new video. This forces your computer to go through the download process again.

If your video host does not work with downloads, but is mainly a streaming host, clearing the cache can be a valuable practice to keep links fresh, but will have no affect over versions if concurrent video versions of the same file maintain the same file name.

Hosting Your Downloadable Video Files

It is important to use a fast web hosting provider. You will need at least 100KB bandwidth to send people video files. The easiest way to find out how fast your host is – upload a file that is larger than 10 MB to your host. Then download it through your FTP or HTTP and see how fast it is. This shows my web host is sending me 275KB/Second which is fast enough to handle several downloads at a time.

I have my web content on one host, and my video content on another. I use but there are many out there.

Flash Streaming

Do you have large and lengthy video files? Your next step will be using a Flash Media Server host. Flash Media Server will stream web video in real time. This is different than HTTP download – instead of sending the user the entire file, a Flash Media Server streams it to the user as they view it. In addition, you can have multiple render settings within one file. It is possible to have an HD file, a standard render and, a small render all in one file. The Flash Media Server determines which stream it can send them and handles it automatically. This is of course more complicated to setup, render, and use but may be necessarily if you have large files or lengthy content. Click here to get an easy to use Streaming Video Player.


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EZWebPlayer's business philosophy leads our pricing profile.

Why are many of the leading Web Video hosts, like Brightcove afraid to be up front with their pricing? We think it is because they aren’t looking to be a business partner in your endeavor; rather, they are trying to get all that the market will bear. All though this might be a great way for them to make money off of giant enterprise conglomerates who seem to have a lot of money for marketing, it leaves the average business with fewer choices, and doesn’t work well for a long term relationship.

 "Video is only part of your marketing budget-- not the whole thing; right?"

You can’t partner with a service that is constantly getting a lion’s share of your marketing budget. Month after month a good portion of your income is pouring into web video instead of your bank account.

EZWebPlayer’s Philosophy; A Web Player for business should be;

  • feature rich for full control
  • scalable for growth
  • completely brandable so that there is full ownership of the web real estate
  • affordable for true business partnership

Have you ever tried to get pricing up front from some of the leading web video hosts? I did. 5 minutes of searching and I still couldn’t find it. Now, some of them seem to be fine companies. They have a good service and their players look every bit as professional as ours. They have many large companies that use them.

But, What if? What if you could get more functionality and pay less for it?

"What if you could get more functionality and pay less for it?"

Try searching for EZWebPlayer’s pricing. Like I do occasionally in a Google search, enter the company name followed by “pricing”. So, enter “EZWebPlayer pricing”. What comes up? Our pricing page. Why does EZWebPlayer not hide our prices? Because we are very pleased with our ability to only charge what it takes to offer top functionality with a pricing profile that allows our business partners to make the lion's share of video driven sales. This is what defines Partnership. Video is only part of your marketing budget-- not the whole thing; right?

Here is a shortcut to our pricing page --

The total package of our Over The Top features (OTT) we call our Value Proposition. 


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The only thing worse than new customers who are slow starters are no customers at all. Building a sleeker on-boarding process does more than simply help new customers get up and producing faster; it also brings in more new customers.



What is a Video Sales Funnel?
Every sales organization has an Onboarding Procedure for new customers. From insurance to car sales, the new customer is taken through a process that exposes them to important information.

The Video Sales Funnel exposes your Lead, not only your new customer, to important information at each crucial decision-making point in the sales process. Each short video is designed to take the lead's hand and walk them through until they become a customer. Videos do this better than any other tool. Videos are compelling, more interesting and help customers retain information longer.


As it was recently reported by Forrester Research that a one minute video is worth 1.8 million wordsThe Aberdeen Group discovered that one video is not enough. Having multiple short, powerful and unique videos pointing towards your landing page is apparently one of the major elements that is driving great sales results in many of the major companies that populate the web with their presence, AND THEIR VIDEOS.

How to make best use of this information.

We obviously do a lot of reading about web videos and how businesses and not-for-profits use them. EZWebPlayer's Customer Success Dept. has a unique twist on all of the recent web video studies; we think that companies should have a short instructive/supportive video at every stage of the signup process. This keeps the user engaged and informed all the way through the on-boarding process on their way to becoming a new user of your service or product.

: Let’s break up the sales and closing process into three distinct areas for the video types to be used.

  1. Aware VIdeo. Traditional advertising videos. Your market is made aware of your special opportunity by the video that informs them that you satisfy their need or fix their problem. This is the traditionally used position for video advertising. EZWebPlayer makes this easier and more affordable than usual by doing two things; 

    1. Provide a simple yet powerful video control interface so that you and your office staff can handle the day-to-day and month in/month out operations of deploying and managing video on the web. 

    2. We do this at not just a competitive price structure, but we have gone beyond the traditional "Charge what the market will bear" mantra and have re-written web video pricing away from bandwidth usage. We charge a low flat rate for the expected usage. This also means no surprises every month. We don't penalize you with a larger bill on a month that you enjoy heavier hits to your video views. The bill is always the same.

  2. Response Video (CtA). You hand them the opportunity to respond to your offer via a Call-to-Action (CtA). If you could have a CtA video play immediately at the end of your advertising video, wouldn’t that just make sense? This is why EZWebPlayer has a CtA module that comes free with every account. GO HERE to try it out for free—no credit card needed.

  3. On-Boarding Video. Sign-up and Next Step is one action. You describe in the most simple step by step terms how to properly get started and then move forward immediately to use this moment to their best benefit, not just to “sign-up and get started”, but get started and take the next step to help them enjoy benefits as quickly as possible. The term that has been used for a long time is on-boarding, all though this phrase has picked up more momentum lately in the business community.

Onboarding can be looked at as a way to make the signup and the taking the first step or two as one event. This makes for happier customers and longer lasting relationships between provider and customer. The company that can help their new customer get up and running sooner rather than later actually is more of a partner with their customer, than just another company charging them for a service or product. Yes, it means expending more assets on the part of the provider, but it’s well worth it to become a partner with one’s client in their endeavor to serve THEIR clients, than simply another vendor.

Build your own Video Sales Funnel by inserting short, How-To videos at the key points in each of the on-boarding steps in the sales and marketing process. Don’t just use video as simply a sale tool at the extreme front end. Use video throughout the process and maintenance of serving your customers—both new and existing.


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EZWebPlayer’s Call-To-Action tools are built for successful web video campaigns.

Don’t just post your video-- leverage the power of your own advertising campaign in front of and after your feature video. EZWebPlayer’s advertising module (CtA, or Call-to-Action) allows you to quickly insert pre and post short videos to highlight features and guide your audience into what they need to do next, or RIGHT NOW!

How to Advertise with Web Video;

  • Upload your feature video ADD A VIDEO
  • Upload your short advertising asset video or image ADD NEW CALL TO ACTION
  • Choose a pre roll or post roll, or both PRE-ROLL, POST-ROLL, and even a IMAGE POP-UP
  • Enter a URL you want to automatically forward to on the image popup or after the post-roll
  • Copy and paste the publish code to;
    • embed in your web site
    • play alone in it’s own web page provided by EZWebPlayer
    • or publish in social media like Face Book, Twitter
    • or an email campaign


Watch this short example video sequence—



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  • Easy Access to All Settings – Your Office Staff Manages the Videos; No Media Professional Necessary



No Media Professional Necessary

Finding a way to deliver easy Player control when managing a massive volume of design and control decisions. Why is EZWebPlayer still easy to operate even though we have hundreds of options?

Watch the video in our interactive demo video library.
EZWebPlayer has an interesting success story that includes the progression from “just something to help us and our clients” to the globally used web video host that it is today. But, from the beginning, the builders of EZWebPlayer wanted the application to be more than just another video host, and the name says it all. It was always supposed to be feature rich, but over all much easier to operate than any other feature rich web video host.

For example, You Tube started out basically one feature; your video was either hosted on their site, or not. Not much organization needed there. They still do not have many features, so You Tube is simple to operate. It's a little like only having one light switch in the room. A no-brainer.

EZWebPlayer started out with about 10 x more features than You Tube by default (we had around 50 features). It was on purpose that there was always going to be more choices which means, more boxes to check, more buttons to click and more menus to run through. But now, several years after the public release, EZWebPlayer has literally hundreds of options; from mobile version creation to player window size, color, tool bar, sharing codes, voting stars and beyond. There’s actually more custom branding choices in EZWebPlayer’s online Player than any other web video host (you can even put your company name in the player’s URL so it shows up in all browser tabs; who else does that?).

So, how does EZWebPlayer maintain straight forward and simple navigation when there are that many choices? The answer is “three ways”;

  1. Sensible Business Tiers
  2. Default Settings for Most
  3. Segmented Feature Areas

1. Sensible Business Tiers

EZWebPlayer offers four account levels that approach video hosting from a sensible business style. Functions that make sense to general business volumes are grouped together. Customers are encouraged to choose an account level that matches their needs. In this manner, more modest projects and businesses do not over pay for unnecessary "Advanced" features, nor for huge bandwidth, and larger businesses and enterprises never run out of features or other necessary resources. Nor is any customer EVER billed for monthly bandwidth.

2. Default Settings for Most Users Means Ready-to-Play Videos

When a video is uploaded, or a live stream is started, most of the settings are already where they need to be to get the job done right the first time. One of the features EZWebPlayer created early on was the Auto Detect Player Size function. The player senses either the height or the width and adjusts the player size accordingly to rid player of those ugly black filler bars.

3. Segmented Feature Areas

Features that either share similar characteristics or serve a common web real estate area are grouped together in a way that helps the control area make intuitive sense to the operator. This is why the average office staff can be in charge of managing videos, instead of hiring extra media specialists or web programmers.

Watch our introductory How To video on settings here.


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EZWebPlayer's WIKI site is chalked full of real situational answers for uploading videos to the web-- including live streaming.

See the image below on how to get to our new WIKI site; an entire web site devoted to helping EZWebPlayer web video customers find answers on specific features as well as general web video solutions. Just roll over the DEMO button and click on WIKI.

Here's the direct link. suggest that you go to this site now and book mark the page.

Just a handful of the dozens of web video features and solutions found in the WIKI;

There are many more articles and details with samples, descriptions and videos on How To. And the EZWebPlayer technical staff is hard at work month after month adding more information to make web video use as simple as possible for every level of user.

The link to the new WIKI Knowledge Base Website is located in the drop down menu under the DEMO button on the top tool bar on our EZWebPlayer home page. Roll over the DEMO button and the menu appears.



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If you find yourself in the position to shoot towards the night sky for America’s celebration around the July 4th festivities, and large, industrial grade fireworks are the subject, these tips will make your video look professional and be way more enjoyable for years of good memories of this year’s patriotic party.

Try EZWebPlayer for free today. No credit card necessary. 

Whether it's still photography or video photography, you'll want to capture the best views of your local fireworks for later enjoyment

- Create a stabalizing style for your video by mostly keeping the video camera still and letting the fireworks create the motion. Occasional handheld shots following moving bursts are good for some inserts, but using a tripod is best. Try not to always follow each burst unless you are trying to create some special affects or B-roll footage for later post production. Watching raw footage of a city fireworks display works much better if the camera operator can figure out early on where in the sky the color bursts will occur, set up the HD camera to cover the entire working area, including some of the ground horizon elements like tree tops, etc. and just let the camera do the heavy lifting. Occasional reallingments of the pan direction might be required as one never knows exactly where in the sky the bursts will appear until they do.

- Also remember the auto iris. Letting the auto iris do its work can add more color if it’s a late model video camera with next generation technology. If not, then you might want to run some test footage, pick an iris setting for a medium rage for night shooting, and check periodically for good color. Too much iris opening and the color is washed out—not enough and everything could be too dark.

This may sound a little techy for novices, but once you’ve played with these settings and some real, night sky fireworks, you’ll get the hang of it.

A final tip, try to include some face shots of your friends, family and neighbors enjoying the show-- it adds so much more to your video. Above all, remember what the video is about; it's a patriotic celebration of America's declaration of independance. So, capture as much of the festivities surrounding that topic and your video won't just be a rehash of the fireworks in 2D, but a documentation of an important event and all of the emotion surrounding it.

Good News – Bad News
The good news is that your fireworks footage from that point on will look fantabulous! The bad news is that neighbors and family will expect you to shoot it every year.

Upload your video to EZWebPlayer to share with all.

Happy Fourth!
Deus conservationem reipublicae!


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Part 1 in the Why EZWebPlayer? Series.


True for conventional marketing and advertising. But, what about the virtual marketplace? How does one's geographical location transfer in the world of Internet marketing? It's all about Branding. That's your only attachment to "Location". Without branding, you have no real identity when marketing to humans. So, when the human brain is making those buying decisions that are 75% led by the undercurrents of the sub conscience, how does the business with no real identity compete with all of the well defined businesses floating around in your potential customer's brain?


 Until EZWebPlayer was born, there was no turnkey web video host that handed you your own web video space to brand as you would. In order to brand your own video player and URL, you had to hire an expensive coder to do it all for you, or you were just stuck with You Tube. Now, there are a handful of providers that have followed EZWebPlayer’s lead, But, there is still no richer tool set for branding your web videos, than EZWebPLayer. The best value on the planet in our market.

Branding Your Own Videos

If you are still relying on You Tube for all of your custom video deployment to your market/the public, then you have a missed a major part of web video marketing and promotion. You can completely brand the player in which your video plays on the web-- including the URL’s domain, and Marketing 101 practices from old school to cutting edge, as well as industry professionals agree that you should.

A couple of other important facts about You Tube-- one good with a downside, and one not so good.

  1. You Tube can create a momentum over night because of the millions of hits to their site. If you are fortunate enough to enjoy the perfect storm of a viral video on You Tube, you get instant big hits to your company site; IF you handled everything correctly. The downside of viral videos is that they occur almost 99% by accident. Yep,  you can’t plan one. No one, and I mean absolutely no one can guarantee you a viral video experience that points to you. The best that an experienced video producer can achieve is a great video that can compete with the  million other great videos that get uploaded to You Tube every cycle. As far as You Tube’s value to your important message is concerned, you SHOULD be using You Tube to point viewers to your own site, where they watch more important videos that deliver your important message in more depth. Your site is where to sell your message-- not You Tube. You Tube by its very nature sets videos against each other. It is a video forum, not a video marketer’s forum. Video is king, not the messages they carry. In order to get your customer’s undivided attention, you must get them on your site, not You Tube’s

  2. You Tube has declared war on branded videos. Yeah, I know; sad isn’t it? Google owns You Tube and Google has several marketing solutions for people who promote brands via video, or “Brand Hosted Videos”. They do not want you or anyone else using You Tube to proliferate branded videos. They would rather that you pay money to Google for your branding solutions. This is not necessarily a bad thing on its own. It is what it is. You get what you pay for.


“YouTube is clamping down on video creators who work directly with brands, nudging them instead to rely on Google’s sales team for deals.” -- Eric Blattberg, Digiday.                                

So, what’s the answer? Use safe, original and easiest custom branding for web video. EZWebPlayer has been helping companies and not-for-profits of all sizes wrap their web videos with their own customer branding. It’s all we do. Even our entry level Lite Account is devoid of any branding. The only place that a viewer of your video would see our name would be up in the URL address of the Player, “EZWP.TV”. It’s a hosting thing. The video has ot come from somewhere, right. If you don’t own a domain...

Want to completely own the web real estate? Buy a domain from any conventional hosting company (Go Daddy, DreamHosting, etc) and we can show you how YOUR domain appears up in the Player URL instead of EZWP.TV. Domains are very affordable running from $8 - $10 a year for original domain names that nobody else has thought of yet.

Branding Your Customer’s Videos

If you handle videos for other companies, then deploying them to the web under your branding adds a lot more value to your company than using something like You Tube or Bright Cove for several reasons. But, the main reason is your branding identity with your customer and those they also serve. If your customers do not want to go the distance to deploy videos under their own branding, then you can provide video deployment for them under yours. There, you just became a competitor with Bright Cove and Vimeo.

If your clientele do want their own complete branding package, you can provide that also through EZWebPlayer’s custom domain solutions.

Examples of Video Branding - THIS IS JUST ONE SAMPLE OF MANY

Here is an image of one of our custom landing pages that allows for custom branding all around the video. To see this page live, go here



Ready-to-go Landing Page templates.

All of these and many more templates can be used as is-- simply plugging in your custom information, or completely edited to your specs. We can do it for you, help you through it, or you can do it all yourself.

The URL can be yours too.If you own a domain, you can also use that in the player URL instead of our domain.




links to 3rd party professionals’ statements about self branding





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Part 2 in the Why EZWebPlayer? Series

Here are some examples of what we typically deal  with on a weekly basis that most other web video  Support departments would never touch;


  • Guiding a client’s move from a custom site to a Word Press site, or vice versa.
  • Helping to setup a custom domain branding pathway with a customer’s domain host. This is also known as C-Name Directing. This is a common occurrence and we have become quite good at it.
  • Assisting with pre-roll and post-roll advertising that plays before and after videos.
  • Helping create pop-up buttons and messages over videos.
  • Setting up proper video render configuring based on the specific needs of the client’s market. This is the technical side of video rendering for the web and deals with video file type, bit rate, frame rate, pixel type, video window shape and size.
  • Configuring audio settings for web radio stations or standard or HD video—AAC or MP3, stereo or mono, which audio sample rate and bit rate?
  • Helping choose file type should be rendered before uploading
  • Chasing down problems that are caused by local issues like limited bandwidth or browser issues from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or others.
  • Plugin guidance for Flash, Silverlight or others.
  • Dealing with our customer’s difficult clients.
  • Hardware trouble shooting for best video results. Is it the mic or the camera? “Why is my audio not as good as others’ ?” Why is the uploading so much faster at the office than at home? How do I fix these issues?
  • Presenting custom solutions when our customers have special needs. We recently created a special video rating system for one of our good customers who supplies medical animation tutorials to the medical industry globally. He wanted his clients to be able to both rate videos plus see what other’s think about these same videos, before and after deploying them on the end user web sites and in office video players. Within less than a week he had what he needed.
  • Walking through basic functions that can present difficulties for the novice, like uploading videos, starting live streams, etc.


How can the Support team at EZWebPlayer do all of this? Certainly, nobody knows everything, right?


While it is true that no one person has all the answers to the complexities of web video, a handful of the right people can and do have the answers needed in the day-to-day maintenance of web video. EZWebPlayer has degreed, experienced and trained individuals dealing with;


  • Application and Internet hard coding
  • Internet backbone telephony and server configuration and maintenance
  • Internet security infrastructure
  • Video and audio creation, editing and deployment
  • Studio and field video and audio capturing
  • Digital media deployment
  • Creative and technical writing
  • Best practices for Search Engine Optimization and marketing
  • Monetized Internet marketing
  • And more…

Why EZWebPlayer’s Support Department is unbeaten

Why is it that not only EZWebPlayer customers, but also outside vendors and even some of our competitors’ customers reach out to us when they need a web video solution? The short answer is, “Because we answer the emails and phone calls in a timely manner.” Yes, it’s as simple as that.

We are real people and we answer your queries. 

It is not difficult for us to blow the doors off other Support departments for the simple fact that most of our competitors either do not have a real Support department, or they are simply too difficult to contact. Our Support staff answers emails and phone calls all week long. 

EZWebPlayer Support Staff are Small Business Marketers as well as technically experienced in web, video and audio production.

Web video includes complex operations crossing several fields. And, since EZWebPlayer’s goal to serve small and medium sized businesses goes beyond just the technical video issues and also covers the technical Internet mechanisms as well as the marketing requirements and various motivations for using web video, we feel that our customers are receiving serious value for their web video buck.

EZWebPlayer fills that all-too-often ignored medium business category into which most businesses fit.

There has typically been two types of web video service available;

  1. Free, and
  2. Expensive, Enterprise Based. EZWebPlayer realized long ago that the bulk of web video business users were not being served, because most do not fall into either category.

Most web video users do fall into the third category which is Business or Non Profit on a limited budget. This is our niche for which the competition is not well suited to serve, and fortunately for us, it is also the lion's share of business web video users.

Hands on help-- we actually fix things.

With our WebX enabled Support center, we can go beyond just talking about fixes, we can show you specific procedures-- but best of all, we can securely reach into your computer (with your permission, of course) and do things for you. All White Label customers enjoy this level of Support. Let us start helping you today.

Free Public-Facing Support Knowledge Base 

EZWebPlayer is staffed with business, web and visual production professionals that include experienced  broadcast trained TV and radio specialists; all of this experience sums up to over 75 years of sales, marketing, Internet infrastructure, security and engineering, web site development and video/audio production experience. We have created and have been constantly adding to a public facing knowledge base specifically for the new web media industry that has been dubbed by many as The Streaming Media Industry. This knowledge base answers many standard as well as advanced questions surrounding video and audio on the web and is free to all.

The EZWebPlayer Knowledge Base can be found here.


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Hosted analytics are an automatic feedback to see how your videos are being received by your target market. Why would Business not want this?

Part 3 in the Why EZWebPlayer series-- this is a re-post from a three-part series on "Why EZWebPlayer for your Web Video Host".

In the world of advertising, literally billions are spent annually to “…get the message out to our market…”.

Here’s a statement from a comprehensive post in the marketing world at The Harvard Business Review. If you read no further in this post than this paragraph, you will have learned an important truth.

Wes Nichols-- MarketShare

One of our clients, a consumer electronics giant, had long gauged its advertising impact one medium at a time.As most businesses still do, it measured how its TV, print, radio, and online ads each functioned independently to drive sales. The company hadn’t grasped the notion that ads increasingly interact. For instance, a TV spot can prompt a Google search that leads to a click-through on a display ad that, ultimately, ends in a sale. To tease apart how its ads work in concert across media and sales channels, our client recently adopted new, sophisticated data-analytics techniques. The analyses revealed, for example, that TV ate up 85% of the budget in one new-product campaign, whereas YouTube ads—a 6% slice of the budget—were nearly twice as effective at prompting online searches that led to purchases. And search ads, at 4% of the company’s total advertising budget, generated 25% of sales. Armed with those rich findings and the latest predictive analytics, the company reallocated its ad dollars, realizing a 9% lift in sales without spending a penny more on advertising.” --

Wes Nichols is a cofounder and CEO of MarketShare and the author of the March 2013 Harvard Business Review article Advertising Analytics 2.0.

Since multibillion dollar corporations can raise their bottom line by millions without increasing spending, then maybe America’s main street businesses can increase their bottom line by hundreds and thousands of dollars by doing the same thing. What do they do? They simply track their major advertising efforts to see who’s looking and listening to their marketing efforts.

To main street America (that’s radio stations, churches, realtors, plumbers, hairdressers, web marketers, etc.),  tracking advertising efforts seems like one of those things that a small business can’t afford and have typically just left that in the wishing and hoping column of their business marketing efforts. But, here’s the deal about that, small businesses can’t afford not to demand accountability form every advertising dollar, because they have a lot less of them than the big billion dollar corporations. Percentage comparisons (as opposed to just straight dollar values) also point in the same direction. If you do not even have an advertising budget, then you are spending an unknown percentage of your gross income on advertising. And then, not tracking those advertising dollars means that you do not know if the ad dollars you are spending are even being paid attention to.

Another danger to which many mid managers fall prey is losing their good job when it is pointed out that they are the cause of the wasted dollars when an ambitious co-worker or upper manager points out that ad dollars were not even tracked under someone’s watch.

Business owners and managers who do not track marketing dollars are in danger of throwing away good money, or wasting money that could have produced real results to the bottom line by just some simple tweaking of the message, or retargeting of a market segment. 

Video Producers and Photographers-- EZWebPlayer was Built for You Click to find out more.

The Simple Fix for Web Video Marketers

The truth is that, if business operators would spend an extra fifteen minutes every week, they could avoid the headache of spending dollars carelessly while increasing their income. EZWebPlayer has had the Analytics Module from day one. We have found that those who simply glance at the Dashboard daily or weekly, stay in touch with their hosted web videos and make better and more informed web video decisions.

Use Case Example—Using Analytics in Make Advertising Decisions

Here’s a use case example: you have a three minute video posted on your company’s home landing page showing how your tire shop is carefully inspecting tire safety for each vehicle that cost you $500 to create, and you have several short pre-roll advertising videos uploaded to your video hosting dashboard; all three being very different attention getters, or feature leaders to this parent, main page video. The 1st pre-roll advertising asset has been attached to the head of the video (in the case of EZWebPlayer, that’s a one-click task). It is a 10-second promo about patriotism, and how your tire company supports our American soldiers by giving them and all veterans a 10% discount. When folks view your home page video, the 10 second pre-roll video plays first and then automatically plays the home page video. The other two pre-rolls are tire industry specific . Seeing as how it’s June, you had posted that patriotic pre-roll because of June 14th Flag Day. 

You glance at the Analytics Page for the main video after 30 days and note that it has 508 views. In your market as a local tire company, that’s not a bad number. On the first day of the next month, you change the pre-roll video to another one of the 10-second videos, because, “… maybe…”, you think, “people might be tired of the patriotic pre-roll and might find value in the tire safety for Summer vacation travelling.”

At the end of the first week, you take another glance at the analytics page for the main video and find that views are way low. Then it hits you, “July 4th!” What were you thinking?! You log into your EZWebPlayer dashboard, and in 2 clicks you have switched out the pre-roll from the tire safety blurb to the patriotic pre-roll. Sure enough, by the end of July, your views have surpassed the June numbers and are at 650. *See NOTE

The analytics and pre-roll managing took you all of an extra 15 minutes for the entire months of June and July combined.  The analytics for any given video can be seen with a simple click to a page of data that only you can see as this data is not public facing. 

So, the take-away from this post should be the importance of choosing the right web video host. Make sure you are using a host that hands you the web analytics that prove what your web video dollars are doing.

*NOTE: It must be stressed that there is more to getting 500 views on a local video than merely posting that video to one’s home web page. Following rules of good search engine optimization and key word use is a must, as well as promoting the video link and the company web site appropriately. Entering relevant key words every time a video asset is uploaded is a simple and important function that allows the SEO information to follow the asset wherever it is deployed, regardless of the destination; web site, social media, blog or email post. Even EZWebPlayer’s Landing Page templates allow for good SEO.

Try EZWebPlayer for free today. No credit card necessary.

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Own Your Own Web Video Host-- Web Video Branding Solutions

Pt 2 Support That Goes Beyond the Typical— What We do Weekly for Customers

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Pt 3
Who's Watching Your Videos? The Power of One-Glance Analytics for Your Web Videos


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When advertisers attach a Pre-Roll or Post-Roll video to the head or tail of a web video, and that pre or post-roll is way too long and also off message from the feature video, that pre-roll can actually cost the advertiser money, instead of increase inbound hits.


Try EZWebPlayer for free today. No credit card necessary.


In this week’s short eNews post, I’ll share 6 tips to help your pre or post-roll video ads gain the best traction possible.

Scroll down to watch the short video right away.

Rules #1 and #2 are MUST-DO's when deploying a pre-roll video. If you see someone breaking these two rules, they are showing the severe disrespect that they have for their market. Even major brand names like Toyota Prius or Star Bucks that break these rules regularly doesn’t mean that it’s a great idea. Humans are pretty much the same when they come up against an un asked for advertisement. Make it short and to the point.


Regardless of the length of the feature video, the best pre-roll viewing results will be for those ads that are 10 seconds or less in length. When you unexpectedly steal someone’s time from them, you are really asking a lot. So, make it short. If the 30 second ad is a must, consider moving it to a later position in the presentation, not the pre-roll real estate.


2.To the Point.

Not a lot of time there so make your point right away. Whatever it is you want them to takeaway from that short pre-roll, better be gotten to within the first half of that 10 seconds and then underscored at the very end.



Make the pre-roll relevant to the feature video. Yes, as simple and straight forward common sense as this sounds, many still miss this important element. You can rarely sell something to someone who is not searching for it. Remember that the old adage of, “He could sell a freezer to an Eskimo.”, is nothing more than an old adage. Nobody sells a freezer to someone who can simply hang meat outdoors in a locked box to achieve the same thing. If your five minute long feature is about entertainment, then make sure that your pre-roll is relevant to entertainment. “Tickets to the Barry Manilow concert are on sale now.” Etc. Don’t try to sell food to someone looking for tires or real estate. Or if you must, look for a way to accomplish it that seems relevant to the shopper. “When shopping for tires today, stop by your nearest Chick-Filet for lunch or dinner. All sandwiches 20% off for Labor Day”.


4.Split up a longer pre-roll.

If the pre-roll message is important enough but the details are long or detailed, split up the message if possible into a pre-roll and a post-roll; playing the rest of the message details at the end of the feature video. Or simply have the entire message on a different web page and have the pre-roll ad point to it. EZWebPlayer had pop-up ads that would work perfectly with this. Play a pre-roll that calls for a click on button that can open up a new window, then have that pop-up button show up near the end of the feature video. The perfect example of pre-rolls that shouldn’t try to get the whole message out are ads about a booth at a trade show, or an event at a state or country fair. In these two cases, one is actually trying to describe two events at once; the location and dates of the event, plus the event or the booth that you are promoting at the show or fair. Even a 30 second spot on a radio has problems getting this done. Asking too much of your audience is a sure fire way to diminish the effectiveness of your advertising asset, whether it’s in print or electronic media.


Video Producers and Photographers-- EZWebPlayer was Built for You Click to find out more.


5.Match the Video Quality.

Match the pre-roll video ad to the size and shape of the feature video. Sometimes you just can’t do this, but coming from the broadcast industry as I have where everything was the same format by law, let alone by practical engineering, it is more than just good artistic sense to make sure that if you are running an “HD 1080 by-” feature video, that your pre-roll should also be the same “HD 1080 by-“. You are not doing your clients any favor by putting their standard definition 640 x 480 commercial right up next to a crystal clear 1920 x 1080 HD outdoors fishing promo. If you must mix the two, then you might consider diminishing the contrast in quality by separating the two with another short pre-roll or slide that announces that, “The following feature is presented in HD.” This allows the human viewers to adjust their perceptions without so much drama to the senses.


6.Rotating ads.

Try to rotate ads so that viewers do not get bored with the same stuff. “Familiarity breeds contempt” is a truism for a reason. By rotating, I mean that if you are running a series of videos separated by pre-rolls or “commercials” sponsored by the same sponsor or product promotion, make sure to have more than one commercial. Have three or four different commercials created for the same product. This is one old school rule that really pays off. If the concert series you are hosting has four breaks, and all four breaks feature the same ad, you’ve wasted yours and your advertiser’s real estate. The last two ads can’t possibly enjoy the same exposure traction as the first two.

NOTE: EZWebPlayer's advertising module that handles Pre-roll and Post-roll videos is called the Call-to-Action or CtA.


Click on the short video below for the quckstart guide on Pre and Post roll videos.
Video =


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Need Mobile Live Streaming? Use your mobile device to broadcast live stream events to your audience.

The Free Mobile Live Streaming App has innovative features such as automatically archiving the live stream as a web video file to your EZWebPlayer video account for immediate publishing as a VoD (Video on Demand) AUTOMATICALLY. Yes—it’s a fire-and-forget function. AND, it’s ready for watching immediately!

Mobile live streaming differs from standard live streaming in that you can live stream from any event via your Apple iPhone or Android Phone. The only other requirement is that you have wifi at the event. Our app resides on your phone so your stream can originate wherever your phone can go and still get wifi.


iOS Live Streaming Application

Android Broadcast



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